15 thoughts on “Keep Out Bears!”

  1. The trash dumpster in our community has that same latch. The bears haven’t figured it out yet, as they have several other types that have been used in the past. They are highly intelligent and I’m sure will eventually get it done.

  2. When I lived in Gotham, the two guys on the second floor referred to themselves as “Bears”. They threw a lot of parties, and had a lot of burly friends. Never met the wives, though…

  3. }}} Like our “lion-free zones” and “no defecating zones” for deer?

    “In-Garden Consumption Free Zones” in all local neighborhoods?

    I long ago arranged for a no-stupidity zone in Washington, DC.

    That’s been about as effective as any gun ban.

  4. Jonathan-

    A similar species, though I suspect my fellow tenants a different genus. The Boys On The Bridge, more Ursus americana, than the big fellers in 2B, who were most certainly Ursus horribilus.

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