5 thoughts on ““What Happens When A Famous Restaurant Doesn’t Buy Its Domain Name””

  1. Years ago – in the 90s – I purchased a domain name for our company – despite a lot of trying sales were minimal and I let it laps – 5-7 years later.

    A porn company bought it and it occurred to me I have to redo all my business cards.

    Thankfully an Ohio radio station eventually got it.

  2. Haha. I think that’s awesome. I wonder if they made any money from Guy for taking it down.

    I remember Chicago Boyz porn. That’s how I got here…

  3. A local restaurant didn’t buy its obvious domain name either, which is now occupied by a completely generic “Lorem ipsum…” set of pages for a fill-in-the-black restaurant. The actual restaurant has a lousy web page under a similar name.

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