Open Apology

I hereby apologize to our friends across the pond for our current administration not sending anyone (my opinion is that at LEAST they should have sent Biden, but I would have preferred the President himself) to the funeral of Baroness Margaret Thatcher. I guess it was halfway expected. Just Unbelievable.

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  1. President O has conducted himself in precisely the manner that we have come to expect of him.

    My apologies also. The current administration is rumored to have a protocol office, but I doubt they pay any attention to it.

  2. “I doubt they pay any attention to it.”

    This has been a subject of discussion here after the Zero’s gaffes that happen over and over and over again while hosting state dinners, or attending them overseas, or whatever. I think it was Lex Green that said that this sort of thing should be a slam dunk every time, and an easy way to score brownie points with everyone. I honestly think that, as you said, they don’t listen to the protocol staffers.

  3. Am I missing something?

    Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip attended, along with hundreds of foreign dignitaries, including former Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger. It was the first time that the British monarch had attended a funeral service for a former prime minister since Winston Churchill’s 48 years ago.
    The official American delegation named by the White House was led by two more former secretaries of state, George P. Shultz and James A. Baker III. But some British Conservatives complained that President Obama did not send a senior serving member of his administration.

    I agree that someone from the current administration should have gone. But two distinguished former Sec. States who actually worked with her makes some sense.

  4. You aren’t missing anything. I can’t believe that they didn’t send from the current administration Biden, and preferably the President himself should have been there. It’s Margaret Thatcher for goodness sake.

  5. They should at least have sent Biden, preferably Obama. It’s appropriate that Kissinger, Baker and Shultz attend but they are relics.

    I noticed that Dick Cheney and Newt Gingrich are attending but George H.W. Bush is not. Perhaps Bush didn’t go due to poor health. Any other reason would be cause for disappointment.

    I assume that Gingrich is attending for the same reason as the Queen. Thatcher was an extraordinary figure who deserves extraordinary recognition. Given this, Obama had to know that a decision not to send anyone from his administration would be interpreted as a snub. But that is the kind of behavior we have learned to expect from him.

  6. I found the online sites of apology for Americans to abnegate themselves over Bush’s crime embarrassing for so many reasons.

  7. The really interesting question is why so few Brits seem to be completely unaware that Hussein despises them. I don’t think that this incident will give them a clue.

  8. There is no one in the Obama administration that I would want to see there. They are more comfortable with Chavez and Arafat, if he was still alive.

  9. The British were mean to the Kenyans.

    I’m Irish, and I admire the Brits. And Lady Thatcher.

    They were in Ireland a wee bit longer.

    This is utterly juvenile and crass.

    We have a punkass of the united states.

  10. On the other hand, how many Suburbans, Tahoes, Cad limos plus the 3,000(or more) Secret service officers, planes and helicopters could the funeral acccomodate? Have we ever had such a self indulgent nothing as President? And,likewise, my apologies to the Brits!

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