4 thoughts on “Your Fall Television Lineup!”

  1. Do what I did. Get rid of your TV.

    Or, do what other people I know do with the TV:

    All day: C-Span.


    All day: Sports, sports talk, sports analysis … .

  2. 11:30 – Ongoing series Girls with Implants. Almost naked girls stuck in a house with a bunch of doltish, ignorant young men. Whoever isn’t vulgar enough gets voted off each week by the viewers.

  3. To seque from “Google Speculation” to “Fall TV Lineup”, well where does one begin?

    When the internet reaches more technological maturity, in let’s say a decade or so, anything that can be read off a disk from a server somewhere will be yours for the asking. Want access to every “Nova” or “Nature” or “National Geographic” or “The Undersea World of Jaques Cousteau” or “Perry Mason” or MGM golden era production or every movie that starred Grace Kelly or Cary Grant? Whatever you want.

    A deeper question is what will new production entertainment look like? Like the book industry, where tens of thousands of books are published each year and only 1-5% of them are of interest to me? Will there evolve famous review lists or bestseller lists? I suspect so.

    On a darker note, with such a diverse audience and no need to meet a broadcast or community standard, will we see the broadcast equivalent of gangsta music? Dis week, Tyrel whoops his bitches ass but good, puts a cap in that nigga JD, turns serious bling on 50 keys of snow and snags his ass a trick new Porsche! How about Terrorist Broadcasting Network (TBN)? This week, Ahmed shows us how to make an IED from only the items in your kitchen! And then the Jihadi Brothers (peace be upon them) will recite their epic poem “Burn infidel, burn!”

    There used to be a curse, “May you live in interesting times.” Indeed.

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