New! – Your Midweek Apropos of Nothing Haikus

Stupid green features
Mindlessly pause computer
Just when you need it


Had a profound thought
But forgot to write it down
Now it’s gone, dammit


They’re modern women
And yet they still expect you
To pick up the check


Feeling like a cork
Cast adrift on life’s ocean
Age does that to you


It’s an absurd world
Your hovercraft full of eels
My dog with no nose

8 thoughts on “New! – Your Midweek Apropos of Nothing Haikus”

  1. Jezzy, the syllables per line go 5/7/5.

    Until you get that straight, you can’t have the car keys.

  2. “I may be a cad,
    not fit to marry, but still,
    I got your cherry.”

    I should have kept that to myself, once her family catches up with me, it turns into

    “When hung by the neck,
    my collar becomes tight and
    my ass grows so heavy.”

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