DoD Back to Work Monday, Mostly

Secretary of Defense Hagal has recalled most Department of Defense (DoD) civilians back to work Monday. The legal reasons why were in the NY Times Sunday 6 Oct 2013 edition this morning.

The following is the fine print behind the “Mostly” —

“I expect us to be able to significantly reduce — but not eliminate — civilian furloughs under this process,” Mr. Hagel said.
Mr. Hagel warned that “many important activities remain curtailed while the shutdown goes on,” and he cited disruptions across the armed services.
Late Saturday, the Defense Department comptroller, Robert F. Hale, said that Mr. Hagel’s order would recall Pentagon employees who work in health care, family programs, commissaries and training or maintenance.
Additionally, the order will recall to work those civilian Pentagon employees whose jobs, if interrupted, would cause future problems for the military; those categories include contracting, logistics, supply and financial management.
While the numbers have not been finalized, officials estimated that only 10 percent of the furloughed employees would not be recalled, including Defense Department civilian employees who work in auditing, some in legislative and public affairs, and Pentagon employees who service other government agencies.

Most of DCMA will be back to work Monday, as will DFAS, DCAA and DLA.

The DoD Inspector General (I.G.), civilians in the various uniformed Service I.G. offices and DoD civilians involved in things like planning DoD assistance to disaster relief efforts are still going to stay home.

3 thoughts on “DoD Back to Work Monday, Mostly”

  1. The Defense Department voice-mail spambot just called me with the official recall notice.

    I will be at work Monday with the rest of Defense Contract Management Agency, as will the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS), Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) and Defense Logistics Agency (DLA).

    Contrary to its name, DCAA is vital for contract administration as it evaluates over head rates for current and future contracts, contractor property systems and contract administration functions.

  2. Numerous stupid expenditure rules are in effect regards how I work.

    I will list some later, lunch is not long enough to explain them.

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