6 thoughts on “Kayaking On the San Antonio River”

  1. Blissfully, Mike, all the nicest parks in this part of the world are either city-owned or state-owned. Just my luck, living in the land of the free and home of the brave! :-D

  2. Michael K,

    Texas is 95% privately held land.

    This is an artifact of Texas joining the Union as an independent nation as opposed to a territory. The State of Texas government held deed to all public lands upon joining the Union. The post carpet-bagger Texas was so cash strapped that it virtually gave them all away after the Civil War.

    The only federal lands in Texas are military bases and the Big Bend National Park.

    This is one of those very subtly differences between Texans culturally and with other Westerners from places like California, Utah and Nevada.

  3. Yes, Kirk – they are artificial. That whole stretch of river was once pretty much a storm drain going through an industrial area, but the city got a bee in it’s bonnet about creating a greenway connecting up a series of parks and the old missions, and extending the existing Riverwalk all the way across the city. They’re trying to reconstruct it as it was, with bends and marshlands, and make it appealing and functional for residents. This bit if it opened just this last weekend.

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