In Light of This Development …

Covered here, at length, I am certain that New Mexico, or at the very least, the Hidalgo County PD needs a new motto. This takes ‘search and seizure to whole new levels. I’ve seen this story linked on a couple of different independent blogs, but now it goes to a whole new level of ‘WTF?’

How about “New Mexico – Come for the enchantment, stay for the thorough cavity searches”?

Or “Hidalgo County Police Department – The Keyster Kops!”

Or “Hidalgo County Police Department – Let Us Take You Up the Khyber Pass

Or “Hidalgo County Police Department – Illegal Anal Probs R Us!”

Seriously, if ever there was an occasion which calls for prolonged and vicious mockery, this would be it. Don’t these people have enough real and obvious criminals to deal with?

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  1. I’ve read on other sites that the first guy had prior drug run-ins with the police, and on one occasion had indeed hidden drugs up his butt. So evidently there’s some prior history (if true).

    Nonetheless, three anal probes, the enemas, and a colonoscopy are way excessive.

  2. Reason had this up yesterday and it’s spread like wildfire around the web. The details of the Eckert case are really disturbing. 63 yr. old guy, x-rayed, digitally probed twice, three enemas, had to crap after each in the presence of the cops and medical staff, re-x-rayed then anesthetized and given a colonoscopy! Each of these he protested. Then the medical clinic sent him a bill and threatened to involve collections if he didn’t pay.

    On top of this, the time had lapsed on the search warrant and the clinic was in the next county so the warrant was void anyway. Also, I understand the drug dog wan’t actually a drug dog. In essence what happened was the guy was kidnapped, detained illegally and anally raped six times. Ultimately though, as I understand the law, the only people who will be out of pocket for the huge settlement I hope he wins will be the taxpayer. So yeah, WTF. A commenter at another blog said that he’s always hoped that in the event of a citizen uprising/revolt against the U.S. government the cops would be on our side, but these kinds of incidents ,which are many, makes him doubt it. And people wonder how German doctors, nurses and regular joes could have carried out the Nazis’ horrors?

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