1 thought on “Veterans Day 2013”

  1. Nice video. There are still a couple of my friends who served in WWII. Next Thursday I will visit the man who I began practice with in 1972. He is 96 and he landed, as a new naval medical officer, with the Marines at Iwo Jima. In 1995, he and his wife, who is now gone, were able to visit the island on the 50th anniversary of the invasion. They saw Japanese aid stations under ground that still had skeletons in carved out bunks in the tunnels.

    Another friend, who is 90, was in the 7th Army with General Patch during the Battle of the Bulge where he was stationed near the eastern “shoulder” of the Bulge. He still has neuropathy in his feet from frostbite during that battle. Art has survived the death of his wife, my cousin Jean, and a ruptured aneurysm about 10 years ago. He lives alone, as does Mike the surgeon, and he smokes a couple of packs of cigarettes a day.

    The others I knew are all gone. When I was six, a squadron mate of my cousin Bud sent me his medals. I have a portrait my parents had made of me wearing the medals. Before they arrived, the man who sent them to me was shot down and did not survive.

    About six years ago, my middle daughter and I were able to attend Remembrance Day at Westminster Abbey. We sat with the Royal Army Medical Corps in the Abbey while the Queen placed the wreath on the Cenotaph outside. Behind us was the RAMC window .

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