8 thoughts on “Know Your Household Pests (Chapter 24): Balloons”

  1. Oh, no! The Eighties are back and someone must have defrosted Nena. These specimens look a little overripe, though, based on their colors. Or is this a mutation?

  2. Many moons ago when I worked at Apple, we filled a supervisors outsized cube full to the top with balloons as a joke, He got into the spirit and charged into the cube scattering hundreds of wild balloons throughout the building. Since we were all a bunch of computer geeks we were always heavily armed with a variety of Nerf weapons. Someone figured out that running a T-pin through the end of the Nerf projectile turned it into a efficient balloon hunting weapon.

    Made for a couple of terrifying days for the human population, though.

  3. What you have here is actually the dreaded ‘mouse who likes to talk like Donald Duck’, only he’s doomed to failure ’cause he doesn’t realize you gotta have helium ballons.

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