Christmas 2013

Newgrange is an ancient structure in Ireland so constructed that the sun, at the exact time of the winter solstice, shines directly down a long corridor and illuminates the inner chamber. More about Newgrange here and here.

Grim has an Arthurian passage about the Solstice.

Don Sensing has thoughts astronomical, historical, and theological about the Star of Bethlehem.

A wonderful 3-D representation of the Iglesia San Luis De Los Franceses. Just click on the link–then you can look around inside the cathedral. Use arrow keys or mouse to move left/right, up/down, and shift to zoom in, ctrl to zoom out.

Vienna Boys Choir, from Maggie’s Farm

Lappland in pictures, from Neptunus Lex

Snowflakes and snow crystals, from Cal Tech. Lots of great photos

A Romanian Christmas carol, from The Assistant Village Idiot

In the bleak midwinter, from The Anchoress

Rick Darby has some thoughts on the season. More here.

A Christmas reading from Thomas Pynchon.

The first radio broadcast of voice and music took place on Christmas Eve, 1906. Or maybe not. But on the other hand

An air traffic control version of The Night Before Christmas.

Ice sculptures from the St Paul winter carnival

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel, sung by Enya

Gerard Manley Hopkins

Jeff Sypeck on a winter garden

6 thoughts on “Christmas 2013”

  1. Thanks David!

    The snowflake galleries are amazing and beautiful. I’ve never seen photos of snowflakes from the side before either. I remember making paper snowflakes from folded and scissor cut paper as a child. I loved that. Every one was a new and amazing creation. We used to hang them up around the house. Do kids still do that, I wonder?

  2. Love the Lappland Slidewhere.

    Hardy and self-reliant people.

    But technical correction: No polar bears in Finland.

  3. David, thanks. Following the link to the Star of Bethlehem and on to is highly rewarding. The historical and scientific sleuthing to uncover the truth concerning the “Star” is fascinating. Rick Larson is an acquaintance of mine and I have seen his live presentation of his research on this subject as outlined on the site.

    His live multimedia presentation is astounding. I assume the offered DVD is a recording of such a live event. Rick is an attorney here in the College Station, Texas area specializing in the practice and teaching of business law which somehow seems to have provided him the appropriate research, scientific and explanatory tools to have unlocked the mystery where so many others fell short. His careful use of Scripture for clues was instructive of the historical usefulness of the Bible.

    Well worth the trip to both sites for some inspiring grounding on a number of levels.


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