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  • A Couple of Worthwhile Posts

    Posted by David Foster on December 28th, 2013 (All posts by )

    Why grade inflation hurts social mobility

    It is important to distinguish between meritocracy and credentialism.


    The redistribution of dreams

    Actually, I would not have used the term “redistribution” in this context. The policies of the Democratic Party are not so much a redistributor of dreams as a broad-spectrum killer of same.




    5 Responses to “A Couple of Worthwhile Posts”

    1. David Foster Says:

      Re credentialism, see this post: can we move beyond class signals?, which comes via Cold Spring Shops: selectivity, plus rigor?

    2. Benefits Avatar Says:

      They’re redistributing Bolshevik economic policies of inflation and chaos, along with Campus social fascism, all given with unwholesome snark from Pajama Boys for Life.

    3. Michael Hiteshew Says:

      Another of her editorials is also very good:

      The Reason Police Brutality Is Rising

    4. Michael Kennedy Says:

      I agree that government is losing credibility. Bush was blamed for the failure to find WMD in Iraq. There was some over promising to bring the British along. They did not do a good job of explaining why the war had to be fought, as I think it had to be done. The mess that Bremer made of the post war occupation was worse.

      Now, we have Obama and a complete disregard of truth or justification in what is being done. Government has over reached and failed in simple tasks, like the silly web site. Big things like Iran and Syria are mishandled but even little things are flubbed.

    5. VXXC Says:

      The Prog has no love of the police.

      American Police are not like the rest of the world, not something to be discarded lightly.

      Mr. Hiteshaw the author you link to provides no causality or connection whatsoever between the rate of police brutality in Milwalkee and the increasing predations of the Prog state. Other than they both exist at the same time on the same planet.

      If the police enforce Obamacare or the tax code…there might be a link.

      Progs hate the military, and hate the police.

      The State is the Left, the Left is the State. And yet…they have left two huge gaps in their armor. Police and Military. Both of which they still spit at, they just don’t dare to in public…