11 thoughts on “Tribute to a Blogger”

  1. I want to thank my Mom and Dad, and all the little people along the way, you know who you are, who made it all possible.

  2. Thanks, Tatyana. It was really a very nice party. I was a little miffed that some of the unison head-swaying got out of sync in a few places. But I decided to just let it slide this time. After I left the stadium and returned to my palace, I was pleasantly surprised by 100 young women in strapless evening gowns carrying a cake the size of a station wagon into the main foyer. “Oh”, I said, “you shouldn’t have!”

  3. Wasn’t the end screen a profile of Mighty Mouse? Subliminal message?

    1. Insignificant creature overcoming all odds in the face of enormous adversity to become the hero of the people?


    2. Tiny, dirty, flea-ridden rodent, living on what it steals from the larders of the hard working?

    Which is it?

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