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  • Hmm…

    Posted by Jonathan on March 9th, 2014 (All posts by )

    Went to a big street fair today. Great weather, big crowd. Here’s a picture of the Obamacare signup booth.

    Obamacare is popular!


    6 Responses to “Hmm…”

    1. Rafael Says:

      I think people who went to Calle Ocho today were more interested on other things. I know I was.

    2. Sgt. Mom Says:

      I suspect that if there is a booth like this at an event in San Antonio in the next couple of weeks, you’ll hardly be able to see the thing from the piles of flung rotten vegetables…

    3. MikeK Says:

      No snow. Must be Florida. I wonder how much the Obamabots were paid ?

    4. Jonathan Says:


      I was too. Maybe the empty booth doesn’t mean anything. But there were lots of people around and no customers in that booth.

    5. Charles Says:

      RE: The one sign: “ask me about Healthcare reform.” I would be so tempted to ask who is paying them to stand around? Are they volunteers? Or are they on someone’s payroll, such as Uncle Sam’s? Are my own tax dollars being used to market Obamacare to me?

    6. Michael Hiteshew Says: