Ebola and the “Open Borders Derangement Syndrome”

Sometimes looking at politics, the only explanation that makes sense is a personal identity based mental illness affecting the politicians involved.

So, we see this reported —

Texas Health Presbyterian nurse Briana Aguirre criticizes hospital over Ebola response
Nurse speaks out on TODAY Show

Ashley Fantz, Holly Yan and Catherine E. Shoichet CNN
9:54 AM, Oct 16, 2014

“The federal government is weighing putting those who treated Duncan on a list that would prohibit them from being able to fly, an official familiar with the situation told CNN.

In June 2007, federal agencies developed a public health Do Not Board list, which allowed domestic and international public health officials to request that people with communicable diseases who meet specific criteria and pose a serious threat to the public be restricted from taking commercial flights departing from or arriving in the United States. The CDC and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security manage the Do Not Board list. “

So follow me here.

American citizens who have been in the vicinity of an Ebola patient, particularly healthcare workers, would be considered “a serious threat to the public” even though;

1. They have simply been around people with Ebola but,
2. They are not exhibiting signs of the disease.

These individuals (who demonstrate no symptoms of Ebola) may soon be placed on a “Do Not Board List” by the Center for Disease Control and Department of Homeland Security.

Meanwhile, non-citizens, people from West Africa who are now:

1. Surrounded by an “out of control” Ebola virus outbreak,
2. Who are living in countries saturated with Ebola due to its rampant community spread,
3. Who are not now showing symptoms of the disease yet,
4. Are free to travel to America, plus wherever they like to in America without restrictions after they get here.

A sane Federal government would have put all passengers from Ebola Pandemic affected West African nations on a “Do Not Board List” long past. Yet they are not sane, and it gets worse.

Not only is this “American Citizens With Ebola Only “Do Not Board List” a dumb policy that destroys the credibility of the Federal Government in time of crisis when it is needed most. It is law suit bait on equal protection grounds in Federal court. Yet both Obama and Congressional Democrats, plus a few Republicans, support limiting AMERICAN CITIZENS rights to travel, but not that of WEST AFRICANS.

What we are seeing here is the outstanding symptom of a mental illness called OPEN BORDERS DERANGMENT SYNDROME. A mental illness shared by 99.5% of Democrats and the Republican leadership in the US Senate.

A political identity based mental illness now set to kill lots of Americans by Ebola for the sake of cheap immigrant labor now and future Democratic votes later (like 2016 via voter fraud enabled by Democratic Party opposition to Voter ID laws).

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  1. Yes, all true, but don’t overlook the other insanity here, which is that we suddenly (!!) realize that our protocols to protect the health care workers are not reliable, hence we are putting our health care workers at risk.

    Either the protocol works or it doesn’t. If it does, we need to ensure it is followed. If it doesn’t, do we ask health care workers to risk their own infection and likely death?

  2. A solution is in the works. The Democrats are on the case.

    The CDC’s budget authority in 2010 was nearly $6.4 billion, but fell to $5.8 billion in fiscal 2014. Likewise, budget of NIH peaked in 2010 at $31.2 billion and fell to $30.6 billion this year.

    According to the Republican side of the House Appropriations Committee, however, the budget authority isn’t the only thing Congress approves for the CDC. The agency also receives transferred funds from other agencies, emergency funds and allocations from certain public health funds.

    Research on obese lesbians has suffered.

  3. >>Top men are working on it, even as we speak. Top. Men.

    Yes, Men in bio-hazard level-4 moon suits.

    Meanwhile single women of color, doing harder and more dangerous work are being given gloves, gowns, goggles and a hardy “good luck” while cleaning up diarrhea and vomit laced with trillions upon trillions of Ebola viruses.

    Any _ten_ of which can infect and kill them if they land on one millimeter of exposed skin.

    I guess this is what the Obama Administration means by “War on Women.”

  4. To Trent Telenko,

    You report “Any _ten_ of the virus can infect and kill them if they land on one millimeter of exposed skin.”

    Interesting. What is your source for infection through intact skin?

  5. First this —

    “What is your source for infection through intact skin?”

    That isn’t what I said.

    Second, you have a definitional issue —

    Most skin is not “intact.”

    If you have ever used alcohol gel and it stung your hands. You had micro abrasions and cuts in your skin sufficient to give Ebola fomites (human liquids with Ebola viruses) a route of infection to your blood or more importantly your lymphatic system.

    Third, Ebola is so virulent…

    See link and clipped text:



    NAME: Ebolavirus

    INFECTIOUS DOSE: 1 – 10 aerosolized organisms are sufficient to cause infection in humans (21).

    21 Centres for Disease Control. 2014 Ebola Outbreak in West Africa (Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria. August 6 2014

    …and has such a high viral load — on the order of several billion viral particles in a 1/5 teaspoon of blood — that below visual size fomite droplets or particles from sneezes or coughing will have thousands to millions of particles.

    Any droplet landing upon a square millimeter of skin from a sneeze or cough will have three to five orders of magnitude more viral particles than the estimated — there have been no clinical trials of Ebola virus on live human beings to determine precisely how much is needed to infect — viral load needed for an infectious dose or “ID.”

    The term of art for Ebola is “ID10” for infectious dose 50% of the time with ten viral particles.

    This is why Doctors Without Borders washed gloved hands seven times and the bear hands one more time with bleach water.

  6. Beyond all the discussion, the people that would be on the “No Board” list would be … the people who are continuing to treat patients in a local hospital.

    Don’t just stand there, do something.

    Apparently doing anything appears to be a better activity than doing nothing. To those equipped with gnat minds, anyway.

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