Jihad in New York City.

It is seeming more clear all the time that the attack on four police rookies in New York was another “lone wolf jihad attack.

The photo of the attacker shows his beard. Other evidence suggests that:

Police Commissioner William Bratton said that investigators were still trying to confirm the identity of the assailant and determine a motive.

Asked if the attack could be related to terrorism, Bratton didn’t rule it out.

New York already has an Ebola case with a returning doctor who went bowling the night before he called 911 with a 103 fever and vomiting.

The situation seems to be complicated and the New York Mayor is unlikely to handle this well.

Thursday evening the New York Police Department issued a patrol bulletin alerting officers to be in a state of heightened awareness after Wednesday’s murder of a Canadian soldier and shootout at the Parliament complex in Ottawa. The bulletin warns of potential attacks on uniformed officers.

Well, now we have one. The other interesting thing is this:

The 2 p.m. apparently unprovoked attack occurred as four police officers were posing for a passing photographer when the suspect charged the group, swinging a hatchet with a four-and-a-half-inch blade, officials said. He struck one officer in the arm and another in the head before two officers drew their weapons and opened fire as he swung the hatchet a third time, officials said.

I would hate to implicate the photographer so we will see what, if any, connection there was between the staged photo and the attack.

Four rookie police officers were working near 162nd Street and Jamaica Avenue when a freelance photographer asked them to pose for a photo in front of a Conway store. While they were posing, another man, described as a 32-year-old male, attacked without saying a word, Commissioner Bratton said at a press conference Thursday.

The Chief of Police does not believe the photographer was connected.

Commissioner Bratton said he doesn’t believe the photographer was working in any way with the hatchet-wielding man. Officers are now reviewing his photos from earlier in the day.

The attacker has a Facebook page with radical Islamic statements in Arabic.


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  1. “The West confronts not a throwback to medieval Islam, but a Westernized version of Islam transformed into a totalitarian political ideology. Although it draws upon Islamic sources and overlaps with some strains of Muslim belief, the ideology of Al-Qaeda has greater kinship with Nazism, another synthetic pagan religion, than with traditional Islam.”

    I think this is well stated. Unfortunately, the Saudis have chosen the medieval strain of Islam.

  2. You wingnuts are paranoid. This citizen was obviously an avid outdoorsperson looking to cut firewood for a weekend camping trip. Just his bad luck to stumble on a group of Islamophobic cops. His family will no doubt sue the city and win big.

  3. These attackers seem to feeding off each other. The atrocious violence of Islamic State has brought out the violent kooks. I mean, two in one week in Canada (where I live). Now this.

  4. ” Islamic State has brought out the violent kooks.”

    Don’t you think that is who they are ? Islam does much of its US recruiting in prison, after all.

  5. feeding off each other

    As with mass shootings by attention-seeking nuts, sensationalistic media coverage of lone-wolf terror attacks amplifies the effects of the attacks and encourages additional attacks.

  6. Thank you Two Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, one of the most inhumane movies made. The release of the mentally ill into the general population has brought untold misery to those released, their families and victims. There has to be a better way to help these people. It’s more than any family can manage alone. They are a problem the community should deal with and thus far the community has shirked its responsibility. Now they have created a fertile field for the Islamists to cultivate. Expect more fruit to fall from this tree until it is removed root and branch.

  7. Jamaica Ave. is a tough stretch of Queens, and 2pm is a tough time of the day, as the already usually crowded streets are even more so, as the schools let out. Store owners would often roll down the steel security doors to avoid the inevitable shoplifting, vandalism and mayhem from “youths” during this time of the day. Hence, the quartet of rookies receiving “baptism by fire”. Heavy police presence on the subways and around schools at this time of day. It’s interesting that someone had the police pose for a photo. This area is not like Ground Zero or Times Square, where there is a constant throng of tourists seeking the heroes of 9/11 and the celebrity of NYPD that occurred post September 11. This is “The Ave.” and these officers are “po-po”, hated and reviled as much as anywhere in the U.S. Attacks on the street by maniacs with sharp instruments is not uncommon, and I’m sure this will be quickly spun as a mental health issue.

    But, it serves as a reminder that this city, in particular Queens and Brooklyn, lie hotbeds of sympathy for the jihadists and have for years. Those who have lived and spent time there know that long before September of 2001 or the massive influx of Middle Easterners and “Asians” there existed an aggressive and shadowy sub-set of “the community”. This, like any topic dealing with said community is verboten unless couched in the most positive light. Yesterday I saw an image elsewhere on the net, that looked as though it might have been lifted from a graphic novel. It featured a group of menacing youths, in the familiar ground-up POV pose, all clad in Wu-Tang hoodies, one sporting a distinctively shaped sword, and below the caption read: “Ya betta protect ya neckz”

  8. “this will be quickly spun as a mental health issue”: all religious beliefs are mental health issues from some points of view. Having “faith” isn’t rational – that’s why it’s called faith.

  9. “The photo of the attacker shows his beard. Other evidence…”

    Hey now, watch the beard insults, the two twits in Boston and the pictures I’ve seen of the latest true believer in Canada didn’t have a beard.

    Islam delenda est

  10. Convincing the majority of American people that their Muslim neighbors can at any time turn into mass killing ax murders is a really stupid thing to do.

    Even more stupid is the Democratic-media complex trying to deny people the evidence before their own eyes.

    Nothing good will turn up from either.

  11. Trent, Islam, the Koran, plants the seed, nourishes the perpetrators, and harvests the acts of so-called radical-Islam so my Muslim neighbors…well I don’t care to have Muslim neighbors. Jihad, the terroristic acts, are historically episodic because of the inherent intolerence of the creed.

    I’d prefer a religious creed that encourages liberty, self-control, sufferage, and the golden rule. I don’t think that’s what the religion of peace is about, quite the oppisite.

  12. Convincing the majority of American people that their Muslim neighbors can at any time turn into mass killing ax murders is a really stupid thing to do.

    Who is trying to do this convincing? It seems to me a conclusion people can reach on their own.

  13. Mrs. Davis,

    When the American people are truly convinved every Muslim in reach is an ax murder is when American policy becomes one of playing “Cowboy and Muslim.”

    And if you aren’t a Cowboy, trying to stop American Cowboys…well, see above.

    It will be a radically different America because -who is- American will be radically different.

  14. “I don’t care to have Muslim neighbors.”

    There is a subset of peaceful Muslims like some of those in a book I just finished, “ “Among the Ruins,” which is about Syria just before the civil war began. Some of the people described are tragic figures as their world is destroyed. Unfortunately, there are a lot of crazy Muslims and a large group of sympathizers. The crazy imams who are authorized to “minister to ” prisoners are from the most radical sect and appeal to the worst of the sociopaths.

    The Arab world is going through a terrible time when they are aware of how dysfunctional that world is. Many of the terrorists are intelligent dn well educated. I hate to think of how many are doctors, not just Major Hasan but 45 doctors in Britain, one of whom conducted a suicide attack on Glasgow airport.

    A group of 45 Muslim doctors threatened to use car bombs and rocket grenades in terrorist attacks in the United States during discussions on an extremist internet chat site.

    Many early terrorist leaders were doctors, some even Christian like George Habash, who was a Palestinian Christian.

  15. When the American people are truly convinved every Muslim in reach is an ax murder is when American policy becomes one of playing “Cowboy and Muslim.”

    A little differently, When Americans are so fed up with the terrorism of a minority of Muslims that they are willing to go after all of them because they don’t care who they kill as long as it stops the killing, is when Crusaders and Muslims begins.

  16. ““this will be quickly spun as a mental health issue”: all religious beliefs are mental health issues from some points of view. Having “faith” isn’t rational – that’s why it’s called faith.”

    “Not rational” is not the same as irrational. Not rational can mean not subject to empirical proof (a misuse of the term) or it can mean outside the bounds of logic (i.e. irrational). Irrational (understood as crazy, foolish or unreasonable) in extreme form is the basis for mental health issues. While religious faith is not empirically testable it is subject to logic and therefore is rational. Some religions may not pass the logic test.

    The rational basis of deist faith is the law of non-contradiction which leads to the conclusion that the creation and existence of the universe can not be accounted for by empirical observation and testing and its origins lie outside the reach of scientific method (even if you wish to believe, by faith, that it always existed or that there are parallel universes).

    Therefore religious beliefs are not universally mental health issues. However dismissing the law of non- contradiction is generally held to be not rational (understood as illogical or irrational). Many people have shown remarkable ability to function by living strictly in conformance with the law of non-contradiction while denying it intellectually in areas outside empirical scope. I suppose this is what you meant by “from some points of view”.


  17. The attacker’s Facebook page was available until today and confirms his motive. I haven’t seen a photo of him without the hood so don’t know if he was black or not. His Facebook “likes” suggest he probably was. This may be an even larger and m,ore troubling part of the problem. The Al Sharptons of the world seem to be intent on stirring up race hatred. Obama and his cronies like Holder, have been no help to sanity.

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