What is going on with Ferguson, MO ?

The Grand Jury gas returned a “no bill” in the case of the Policeman Darren Wilson and the riots have erupted as anticipated. We still have silly demonstrations around the country. Even interrupting Christmas tree lighting.Why ?

I have been following this all along, and even see some merit in some of the resentments of the black residents. That does not excuse rioting, of course.

We know a lot more about what happened now and it does still not explain why this continues today. A lot of what is happening just doesn’t make sense.

Here is one possible explanation.

SO WHY ALL THE FERGUSON HOOPLA? Last time the Dems and Sharpton made a big deal of a shooting, it was the Trayvon Martin case, hyped to keep up black turnout for 2012. But now there’s not an election. So why Ferguson, and why now? Polling indicates that most people aren’t all that sympathetic, and protests that tie up Interstates, etc. aren’t going to attract swing voters.

So why now ?

But it’s not about swing voters. It’s about the base. And it’s not about the Democratic Party’s base, but about certain leaders’ base within the Democratic Party. This may be best understood as an intra-party struggle. Obama is the champion of the urban-black wing of the party, and because of him that wing has been on top. But his star is fading, black voters are beginning to realize that they haven’t benefited economically, and the next Dem nominee — whether it’s Hillary Clinton, Jim Webb, or Elizabeth Warren — will be from the white gentry-liberal wing of the Democratic Party. The riots, the marches, the traffic-blocking are a way of telling them that the Sharpton wing is still a force to be reckoned with, and to improve its bargaining power between now and 2016. At least, that’s the only way this — not at all spontaneous — street theater makes sense.

Nothing good is happening to the Democrats right now. Jim Webb, who could be a typical working class Democrat is being ignored as he tries to organize a presidential run.

I think Webb, an angry man if I ever saw one, would be a terrible president but I can’t think of a Democrat who would be a good one these days.

Most significantly, there’s no space for candidates appealing to working-class white voters anymore in the party, even though they played an essential role throughout the Democratic Party’s history.

In a vacuum, Webb would be a compelling candidate. While independent-minded groups like No Labels obsess over liberal Republicans or independents (Jon Huntsman, Michael Bloomberg) as credible third-party candidates, Webb’s profile better fits that bill. He’s one of the few politicians who caters more to the populist grassroots than to elite public opinion. He has angered Democrats by expressing skepticism about increased immigration and has been downright critical of affirmative-action policies, but he is passionate about the issue of income inequality.

First, white working class voters are fleeing the Democrats for the past twenty years.

The Democratic Party styles itself a fighter for the working class. But a substantial part of that class—the white part—wants nothing to do with it. If we count the white working class as whites without college degrees, then congressional Democrats lost them by 30 points in last week’s elections, contributing to losses in states as diverse as Iowa, Maine, Colorado, North Carolina, and Florida.

But then none of this is new. Democrats lost working class whites by a similar margin in 2010, with almost identical results: A wipeout of Senate seats, House districts, and governorships across the country, in states as liberal as Michigan and Wisconsin. They recovered somewhat in the presidential election—losing working-class whites by just 20 points—and winning the race (and a stronger Senate majority) as a result.

Who does vote for Democrats these days ? Two groups are the base, blacks and white urban “gentry liberals.”

Webb’s record on the subject is as impressive as Elizabeth Warren’s. That he’s treated more like a fringe figure these days is a testament to how far his party has drifted from its roots.

Consider: There will be only five red-state Senate Democrats left in the next Congress if, as expected, Sen. Mary Landrieu is defeated in next month’s runoff. Even more striking, there will be only five House Democrats left representing districts that Mitt Romney carried in 2012. The once-influential Blue Dog Caucus of fiscally hawkish Democrats is all but extinct. Republicans now boast twice as many blue-state senators (10) and five times as many blue-district representatives (25) than their Democratic counterparts in red territory.

What is left is the two groups that have widely differing agendas. The Gentry left is concerned about gay marriage, “climate change,” abortion and immigration. Social issues. I have children who are members of this class and they never mention economics. The blacks are concerned about race when they should be concerned about economics and immigration. Neither cares about foreign affairs which is in crisis.
Low oil prices could set Putin on a far more aggressive path.

If history is any guide, Vladimir Putin’s iron grip on Russia could be threatened by the lowest oil prices in a decade. It also partly explains his increasingly belligerent stance toward the West.

Crude oil and natural gas prices have been central to Russian prosperity for decades. As they fluctuated, so did the country’s fortunes. And they have led Russia to outward aggression before and could again.

I think there is some evidence that Reagan and the Saudis cooperated to crash oil prices in the 80s and kill off the USSR.

In the 1970s, the explosion of crude oil and natural gas prices—linked in Russian export contracts—brought relative wealth to Soviet Union. That ushered in a brief “golden” season during the last years of the Brezhnev regime. The collapse of oil in 1986 undermined the stability of Gorbachev’s government, spreading discontent.

Putin may be determined to avoid a repeat. The political left doesn’t care.

The Ferguson riots and the demonstrations by the usual leftist agitators in other cities may be aimed at keeping the blacks in line with the modern equivalent of bread and circuses. It won’t play well with working class whites, however.

Specifically, whites were bewildered and infuriated with liberals who defended rioting communities—correctly noting the decades of deprivation and abuse that led to those violent outbursts—and pushed anti-poverty programs to address the underlying conditions. Black incomes rose while at the same time, many white incomes were beginning to stagnate or even fall. Why was the government spending our tax dollars on them, working-class whites asked, when they destroy their neighborhoods and refuse to work, and we’re losing our jobs and our homes?

The disparate agendas of Democrat supporters were discussed in Jay Cost’s 2012 book, “Spoiled Rotten.” The subtitle is “How the Politics of Patronage Corrupted the Once Noble Democratic Party and Now Threatens the American Republic.” I read it then and liked it. Too bad Romney lost but I still think it makes valid points. We may be seeing one of them now.

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  1. “and even see some merit in some of the resentments of the black residents” but then you notice what they are doing and that doesn’t cause you re-evaluate your thoughts of merit for their “resentments” … its called enabling … I resent society having to deal with the thugs they breed and until they deal with the thugs they can stuff their resentments …

  2. “cause you re-evaluate your thoughts of merit for their “resentments”

    A couple of points.

    One, many if not most of the rioters were not residents. Of 45 arrested Monday night, only three were residents.

    Two, there was some resentment that was understandable because of the disparate effect of these minor violation fines and penalties.

    Now, the residents who resent these should do something, like register and vote. Rioting is not a solution.

    I am not sympathetic to this “racism without racists theory, which ignores the fact that everyone, whether they admit it or not, knows that black males commit a disproportionate amount of crime for their numbers in the population. What CNN and its enablers are describing is learned behavior. We learn to avoid unknown black males on the street. Even Jesse Jackson once admitted it.

    “There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery. Then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved. . . . After all we have been through. Just to think we can’t walk down our own streets, how humiliating.”

    –Jesse Jackson

    I was merely reviewing what I consider local corruption. In southern California, we had an instance of rampant corruption among officers of a small city whose residents were often illegals and who did not vote.

    This is not so different from what was happening in St Louis County. The county around Kansas City has about 15 cities while St Louis County has over a hundred.

  3. If you believe that the grand jury finding was behind all the ongoing disorder about this incident, you are falling for a domestic version of the “Bengazi was caused by an insulting video” lie.

    There have been groups who thrive on just this kind of manufactured outrage planning and organizing in Ferguson and around the country for weeks. If the grand jury had indicted the officer, the same people would have rioted anyway, claiming the charge wasn’t severe enough, or some other rationale.

    These riots and other demonstrations have been planned for weeks, carried out by all the same violent leftist groups who have done the very same thing every chance they got.

    It would be very interesting to see a breakdown of where the arrested parties in and around Ferguson actually lived, and what they did for a living. My guess is that very few were working people from Ferguson, and most were the kind of semi-pro demonstrators who show up whenever Answer and like groups put out a call for foot soldiers.

    This whole thing was a media creation to arrive at just where we are, and generate as much mayhem and racial animosity as possible. Just about every claim made in the media during the first days of this deal has been disproved, and just the opposite validated by forensic evidence and eye witness testimony.

    I’ve seen this same sequence of lies leading to manufactured outrage leading to violence so many times, I’m amazed and disgusted it continues to succeed in its ignoble purposes so well. The ignorance and emotional immaturity behind it all is the most appalling aspect of the whole nasty business.

  4. Same old Saul Alinsky tactics.

    …gave us all something other than the actions of the imperial President to talk about over turkey and dressing.

    But, most importantly, sent everyone back to their balkanized “groups”.

  5. Noting the points made by Veryretired above and agreeing, I’d like to make two further points.

    From the main post, the Democrats will not make any effort to attract White working class voters because what makes up the modern Democrat party has no continuity with the old Democrat party other than racism, and is in fact more of a Leninist party with anti-American goals. They don’t want White working class voters because 1) they are White, 2) they work, and 3) they are ideologically “icky”.

    In reference to yours of November 29th, 2014 at 11:05 pm; in a semi-healthy polity the prospect of “Now, the residents who resent these should do something, like register and vote.” would have some merit.

    But they do vote. Yes, Ferguson has a large Black population and a mostly White local government. But what kind of government. At the local level up through the County, it is Democrat. The area has been represented in Congress by Democrats since 1949 [65 years] and by a Black Democrat Congressman for the last 45 years with the seat being now hereditary passing from father to son. If the government is racist, and largely White; it is a Democrat government and has been for generations. And it is one of the major Democrat strongholds in the country. If more of citizens of Ferguson vote, they will simply put the same people in with a larger margin.

    Some parts of the country only have one purpose. In this case it is to show that Darwinian failure applies to politics too.

    As things swirl around the toilet bowl, and as the Democrats shed electoral support; the temptation will be to redouble their efforts to seize power outside the Constitution. It is not like there is any resistance [and more than a little collaboration] from the Institutional Republicans.

    This goal is aided by urban chaos. Thus, the spread of riots encouraged by the Democrats and the state controlled media. I note that TIME magazine editorialized a couple of days ago that riots were the mechanism through which society progresses. And that the polling for the TIME magazine “person of the year” has “The Ferguson Rioters” leading.

    Electoral politics may well be moot, unless we can find some issue where the Republicans disagree with Obama enough to stand and fight. We have not found such an issue for years.

    Subotai Bahadur

  6. Do any of these rioters, journalists, etc. ever ask themselves what they want? Whatever it is, it seems formless – a lie as metaphor (wouldn’t that make the metaphor a false analogy?). And Walmart’s wages intertwined with the rioting. And looting, of course.

    Any one who cared about black lives, especially black teen lives, would first spend a moment googling and look at the statistics, whose general nature hasn’t changed in decades. Then they might suspect a little more policing rather than less policing in some areas of town might mean at the end of the year fewer guys were statistics.

    No, don’t tell me that these rioters care about blacks’ ambitions, about the black community, or about black lives. But being formless &meaningless doesn’t mean these riots aren’t evil nor dangerous. DeAndre Joshua has found it very dangerous, though exactly why and how isn’t clear.

    Looking around, would you start a business in Ferguson? Insure a business in Ferguson? I suspect that is the gift – decades lying before them of limited chances – that the agitators bequeathed Ferguson.

  7. The fix is in. It’s already being reported elsewhere that local, state and Federal money will be available for rebuilding. A whole new wave of graft and misappropriation of funds cometh. The riots have nothing to do with the Gentle Giant. Like the hot mess in Sanford, the Regime knew what the facts were almost immediately and activated their troops. “The officer acted stupidly” test balloon came early on. This is what these people do. It’s organized and it’s criminal. I’d like to see some brave Missouri elected officials start speaking up, say something like “RICO”

  8. The fix is in. It’s already being reported elsewhere that local, state and Federal money will be available for rebuilding.

    I agree with the thrust of this post, that this is organized anti-white political theater. And it will continue as long as Obama and his criminal cronies and his anarcho-leftists are in the WH.

  9. Yup – organized anti-white working class political theater … and another element of this is sometimes mentioned: if you are a white person, or almost white person, you’d better lay down and die quietly and politely when menaced, robbed and beaten by a thug of color. Don’t you dare fight back, especially with a gun, you raaaaacist hater, you!

  10. “many if not most of the rioters were not residents. Of 45 arrested Monday night, only three were residents.” Then someone was paying. Follow the money.

  11. “… black voters are beginning to realize that they haven’t benefited economically…”

    JK, Hope that’s true and I imagine (and hope) that BHOs elections and administration is at least a learning experience for the low-info voters regarding the difference between the slick colorful appeal of an empty suit and a candidate with experience and depth of character. Hopefully they’ll make an effort to judge future candidates on the content of their character. Hopefully they can do this.

    To chose Michael Brown as an icon for the plight of young black males is delightfully, or perhaps bizarrely (depending upon your sense of humor), ironic. A bully street thug, shown to be a street thug to everyone with a TV, who physically assaults a police officer; well, you just can’t get any more sympathetic than that. It’s also strikes me as ironic that largely the same put-upon young black males are violent in their protest. Who wouldn’t be impressed with their plight? (sarc)

    Is it too much to say that the gene pool has been improved? To wrestle with a gunman (cop or not) is not the best of ideas. It’s cold but the world is a better place now. It’s just too bad that the young man didn’t get a chance to grow up and out of who he was.

  12. “If the grand jury had indicted the officer, the same people would have rioted anyway, claiming the charge wasn’t severe enough, or some other rationale.”

    Oh, I agree although the fury of the riots might have been less. My point is that this was done for a reason and most of you seem to agree. There is a civil war in the Democratic Party between their client groups. They have lost working class whites and I do disagree they don’t want them. They just don’t understand why their message doesn’t work. Thomas Frank wrote What’s the Matter with Kansas?” He does not understand why white voters have left the Democratic Party, It’s not that they don’t want them; they just don’t understand people who don’t vote for the reasons that their current supporters do.

    In the study “The Truth about Conservative Christians,” two sociologists, Andrew Greeley and Michael Hout, claim to show that class does matter, despite Frank’s thesis. Poorer Protestants, they argue, are much less likely to vote Republican than affluent ones. And, they claim, conservative Protestants are actually more likely to support progressive taxation than “mainline” Protestants are.

    I am not sure that social conservatives are as “conservative” as many say. Still Andrew Greeley was a very leftist priest.

    The blacks may be showing impatience with the left’s agenda and especially with immigration amnesty brewing. Time to have some circuses.

  13. It’s also a taste of give us whatever we want, including heads on a platter whenever we demand it, or there’ll more of this! Standard thug-brand leftism.

  14. More examples of the agenda of the rabble rousers and Farrakhan is well known to be one. What is sad is to see the kids applauding. Today, on MTP I think, I saw Ogletree, a Harvard professor, misstate the facts of the grand jury testimony. They will keep beating the drums if they can get some response.

    This is no accident and the post is about why.

  15. You might ask why the Cleveland shooting gets no coverage.


    This is a surveilence video edited and released by the Cleveland police dept.

    Video is 7 min 51 sec long. First seven minutes show black 12 yr old waiting and walking around community playground. At about 7.00 police car arrives, 1 sec later police shoot and kill 12 yr old boy on camera.

    Only Pravda in the 20’s thru the 60’s was controlled as thoroughly by the Communists as the American media is controlled by the Progressives. You should ask how do the Progressives do this? And ask why did the Progressives organize the riots in Kansas?


    The Communists of the 60s never won an election by 100%. They always reported 99% because 100% is obviously unbelievable. But the Progressives report 100% victories from the precincts where they control the voting machines. The Progressives are untouchable. They are beautiful movie stars, rich oligarchs partying in the White House, SWAT teams that rule the night.

    Progressives are better than Communists and proud of it!

  16. Somebody, at least is calling out CNN for lies.

    On Tuesday night, Lemon even asked Jones about the difficulty they were having in finding peaceful protesters to interview, and Jones replied that “a lot of these young people are on the knife’s edge between violence and nonviolence.” What does that even mean?

    Lemon did not ask. Instead, he returned to Marc Lamont Hill, who explained that the problem is not the protesters but the police who have been “disingenuous” by closing off a road to protesters after they heard shots being fired.

    Closing off a road after shots are fired ?

  17. Tyouth Says:
    November 30th, 2014 at 11:00 am

    I received, through a chain I trust, what purports to be Michael Brown’s criminal record since turning 18. Noting that he did not achieve the age of 19 before Darwin stepped in.

    All occurred in the neighboring [a couple of miles SW of Ferguson, clockwise around the perimeter of the St. Louis International Airport] of St. Ann.

    1- First Degree Burglary [Felony B RSMo: 569.160], 1- Assault 1st Degree – Serious Physical Injury [Felony A RSMo:565.050], 2- Armed Criminal Action [Felony Unclassified RSMo: 571.015], Member of the Vice Lords gang.

    His juvenile record is sealed, but my sources note that from what they understand a charge of 2nd Degree Murder is part of the sealed record.

    I believe that he shows a lifestyle congruency with those others who have been classified as “if Emperor Benito Hussein Obama had a son”….

  18. How’s his medical record? Was he schizophrenic? Anything else that might explain the folly of charging unarmed at a frightened, armed man?

  19. Stoned out of his gourd, apparently – from smoking weed. Gateway Pundit is local to St Louis and suburbs. He and his contacts have been covering this all extensively.

  20. The Republic is dead at the National Level. The Republic is dead in Washington DC.

    Democratic and Republican are behind us.
    National elections are devoid of meaning.

    [in a way mercifully].

    Men should face cold facts and proceed accordingly.

    Far from all is lost. DC is lost.

    Jeffersonian Democracy leave us with 85,000 political entities of 30K municipalities, 50 States and so on that duplicate The Republic at every level of government. Here is where that resiliency at the cost of efficiency pays off. It’s extremely efficient at resisting tyranny. However it does not run itself. As Washington didn’t either, our core failing being we want to check in once every couple of years and think that checking the block would preserve our Liberty. Which we may now consider the Federal entity an enemy of, but of course they’re the enemy [by their choices] of far more than Liberty.

    They must go or we will. We’re at the Endemic Warfare Stage now, we’re at the beginning. That it’s taking a racial and anti-majority turn isn’t strange, people are enemies, not ideas. The Left has long been aware of this, that’s why they’ve always been so flexible on principles. Ideas being defeated or discredited is meaningless. Understand and accept that. POWER is what matters.

    We go – I mean from this earth – or they do. It’s that stark. The driving issue the utter lack of money and monstrous debts. If they didn’t already hate us they would need to invent this Hate.

    Now our National government – isn’t. Proceed accordingly. You cannot bend DC to your will, they have bent you to theirs, now they must take all you have. You must face Cold, Hard Facts.
    That they haven’t politely announced it is because they don’t have the country, that doesn’t stop them from holding the National Levers. Those they do.

    Face The Facts, we’re not Voting or Talking our way out of this one.

    But Jacksonian Democracy provides when Jefferson’s Courtly manners Fail.

    You cannot make them tremble in their Citadels on the Potomac. Your local government however must live among you. As to the Police they are of the People, but what do we show them but helpless coward sheep? People will follow the Strong Horse. Be that Strong Horse where ye Stable, and matters improve for you and yours tremendously.

    Jeffersonian Democracy has left us with a Coup Proof Nation. It did not provide for a corruption proof Capitol. The enemy has it. The.Enemy.

    The wretches have DC, let them try and hold the nation. If all they face is blogging and Tea Parties, well then they have America to loot without restriction – not only their Aim, but their Dire need – and our light passes out of History. If they at last encounter not talk but men and steel, our chances are excellent.

    Begin by facing the facts above. Then take stock of what we have, which is considerable. Then recognize the time for talk, intellectualism and Civil means has passed.

    Begin by getting your own gang. As you can see it’s all quite the Style. When every burg has little platoons – actual platoons is the hard part – scaling is comparatively easy.

  21. Sgt Mom – I’d say feral – perhaps drugs sheer away our civilized selves or perhaps they were never grown/developed/taught in his youth.

  22. Mrs. Davis Says:
    December 1st, 2014 at 12:00 pm

    And they will. From what I understand, the Bosnian community in St. Louis is largely refugees from the genocide in the Balkans. They have a certain familiarity with the reality of how to deal with threats and murder; and with urban warfare. And they have the ability to induce future fear and caution in the Black community that is beyond what any law enforcement or judicial system can accomplish, not only under the Constitution but under the partisan political constraints local government operates under.

    I don’t know whether or not to order popcorn, but this will be interesting. When Holder goes only for the Bosnian community, it will be like what happened to Bosnians living in Serbia. And they will not stand for it.

  23. My daughter lives in St. Louis and her friend is an immigration lawyer; her clients are often Bosnians – more live in St. Louis than any town other than Sarajevo.

    That is what happens to people in the range of Sharpton’s rhetoric; and those that did it are what happens to the souls of those he speaks to. It’s the sound of evil. – hammers, burning a body.

    I dropped the DeAndre Joshua name, hoping someone knew more (20 year old shot & set on fire). There were hints he might have been a witness – but I haven’t followed enough (or it hasn’t been covered). Tyouth’s list (incomplete I’m sure) may also explain the witnesses – justice and truth may have motivated, but I’d think living close to this “gentle giant” diminished sympathy for him and raised it for anyone confronting him.

    My friend hears what I read – she gets her news from a Christian radio station & I from a narrow range of blogs. It’s surprising how often we hear the same thing – and our colleagues who listen to the major networks don’t.

  24. “Teens beat motorist to death with hammers in St. Louis”

    It’s OK they were “youths” who beat the poor guy to death.

  25. Good news !

    “Fatal hammer attack on Bosnian immigrant not racially motivated, St. Louis police say”

    They didn’t attack him because he was white, according to the local cops. No mention of their race and my usual tactic of looking for photos is out because they are juveniles.

    What could be the motive, I wonder ?

  26. Another interesting take on what’s going on.

    The Obama coalition is not the traditional Democrat coalition. It is primarily a class coalition. It is the Democrat Party base and nothing more, made up of rich/academic upper class whites, the unionized government hack sub-class, and lower class welfare recipients. When it won in 2008 and 2012, the coalition added just enough others to push it over the top. But now, those others – primarily middle and working class people employed in the private sector – are fleeing to the GOP. And those were the people Hillary was counting on supply enough votes to win.

    But if you are a regular person who works for a living, especially if you don’t live on a coast, Obama’s coalition doesn’t want you. In fact, it hates you.

    That’s a bit too cute but he has some good points.

    Obama can remain a player with a 35% constituency, but Hillary needs 50% + 1 to win. The Obama coalition/Democrat base has the Chablis-swilling limo libs from Marin County, the AFSCME-dues paying DMV diversity consultants, and the big screen-watching EBT cardholder vote nailed down. Everyone else, not so much anymore. And Obama is clearly fine with that.

    Is he really that calculating ? Only in the vague sense that college kids think about what they will do when they are out of school, but I think that is the level he operates at.

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