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  • Today’s Israel-Bashers

    Posted by David Foster on January 4th, 2015 (All posts by )

    UAW Local 2865 (that’s UAW as in “United Auto Workers”) has voted to join the movement to boycott Israel.

    So, what kind of work do the members of UAW Local 2865 do, would you imagine? Do they work the line in an auto assembly plant? Are they involved in making components such as brake shoes or camshafts? Do they pack and ship spare parts in a distribution center?



    The members of Local 2865 are teaching assistants at the University of California.

    Anybody surprised?


    6 Responses to “Today’s Israel-Bashers”

    1. newrouter Says:

      State of Disunion
      The growing conflict between public and private labor

    2. Mike K Says:

      I’m a little surprised that they aren’t at CUNY. Those seem to be the most violent as a half dozen were arrested the other day.

    3. Assistant Village Idiot Says:

      @ Newrouter. Thanks.

    4. Jonathan Says:

      You want fries with that, Effendi?

    5. Mike K Says:

      A budding politician, left wing variety.

      Nice Catholic education, too.

    6. ErisGuy Says:

      Imagine that… everything the opponents of public employee unions said was true: the unions believe in taxes and big government and are run by communists and anti-Semities. And the American people have approved every step of the way for almost 75 years.