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  • New! – Your Unusually Banal Friday Haikus

    Posted by Jonathan on March 6th, 2015 (All posts by )

    I had all these plans
    A brief nap and suddenly
    It’s three hours later


    Good flying advice:
    Break ground, take off into wind
    And not the converse


    At the gas station
    We cringe at the dreaded words:
    See clerk for receipt

    Fix-A-Flat didn’t
    Our Costco tire warranty
    Came to the rescue


    Feel free to add your contributions in the comments.


    21 Responses to “New! – Your Unusually Banal Friday Haikus”

    1. dearieme Says:

      Bright Spring sun outside,
      Crocus opened, snowdrops bask,
      No snow drops, thank God.

    2. dearieme Says:

      Two pigeons belawned,
      Complain fattly about dearth,
      A diet of worms.

    3. dearieme Says:

      Partridge and pheasant,
      Muntjac, fox, and woodpecker
      Will wreak destruction.

    4. dearieme Says:

      Come Autumn squirrels take
      Every hazelnut and plant
      Walnuts in exchange

    5. dearieme Says:

      Mice in late summer
      Will assault our Morello
      We need cherry aid.

    6. dearieme Says:

      Gardening, the sole
      War that refreshes the soul:
      Nature’s harmony? Specious!

    7. Jonathan Says:

      Canada geese flocks
      Devastate plowed winter fields
      So much for cuteness

    8. Michael Hiteshew Says:

      Snow, deep, white.
      Night, deep, blue.
      Stars glitter, sparkle.

    9. Grurray Says:

      Turning lead to gold
      Was the alchemists’ dream, but
      Not at this low price

    10. Grurray Says:

      My Uni-ball pen
      Writes well with ink that won’t fade
      Sturdy, spare, exact

    11. Mrs. Davis Says:

      Baraq Obama
      Six hundred eighty three days
      Can we last that long?

    12. kiev Says:

      Looked out the window
      Reflect by fireplaces’ glow
      Wind chill factor blows

    13. Jeff the Bobcat Says:

      Winter’s crushing hand
      at the throat of the country.
      Global warming, HA!

    14. Grurray Says:

      Sorting all my books
      Stacks are growing everywhere
      Time to build more shelves

    15. Lexington Green Says:

      Cold as a witch’s …
      Cold enough to freeze the brass …
      Next week: Above freezing!

    16. setbit Says:

      What to do for lunch?
      Found a five in my pocket
      Taco Bell it is!

    17. Mike K Says:

      Eighty degree day

      California’s not all pain

      sometimes it is a cookie

    18. Dan from Madison Says:

      San Diego trip
      Many contacts made, friends seen
      I should reside there

    19. dearieme Says:

      Sorting all my socks
      Heaps are growing everywhere
      Time to grow more feet

    20. Jonathan Says:

      My socks multiply
      With coathangers, toothbrushes
      Entropy? Not quite

    21. Mike K Says:

      Little League game lost

      Grandson’s birthday party later

      Panzer tanks sooth pain.