I Am Woman …

… hear me roar … and then turn around and whine because some cis-male said something, or looked something, and I feel so … so threatened! Look, girls…ladies … possessor of a vagina or whatever you want to be addressed as this week in vernacular fashion; can you just please pick one attitude and stick too it? Frankly, this inconsistency is embarrassing the hell out of me (sixty-ish, small-f feminist in the long-ago dark days when there was genuine no-s*it gender inequality in education, job opportunities and pay-scales to complain about and campaign for redress thereof). This is also annoying to my daughter, the thirtyish Marine Corps veteran of two hitches. The Daughter Unit is actually is very close to losing patience entirely with those of the sisterhood who are doing this “Woman Powerful!-Woman Poor Downtrodden Perpetual Victim!” bait and switch game. So am I, actually, but I have thirty years experience in biting my tongue when it comes to the antics of the Establishment Professional Capital-F Feminist crowd.

See – it’s an either-or proposition. Either you are strong, capable, intelligent and have thick enough of a skin or at least a toleration and sufficient understanding of the world in general, and the male of our sex in particular to forge your way enthusiastically through the world, throwing off the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune, the occasional sex-based misunderstanding, the overheard crude joke, the inability of many of the males of our species to attend to details of housekeeping or good organizational order, and their juvenile enthusiasm for sexual congress under circumstances and with co-conspirators which – the less said of that the better. That is the attitude that my daughter and I personally favor; we take no stick, and when someone – male or female tries it, we hand it back face to face with generous interest. That’s what strong, capable and intelligent women do.

It’s either that or the conventions of womanhood which held sway in popular Victorian culture. That is – one who is too fine, too delicate and too gentle to endure exposure, even by the slightest suggestion to any of the above … like tweeting a picture of two guys overheard making a crude joke and setting off an internet meltdown which resulted in firings, internet shamings, death threats and everything but the burning of Atlanta. Seriously, what Ms Richards overheard and took exception to – essentially complaining to a wide audience that “Ohhh – those awful men were making me feel threatened! Make them stop!” was relatively mild when compared to some of the conversations I overheard (or sometimes participated in) while in the military. I can only imagine the degree of absolute meltdown if Ms Richards had heard some of them … and yes, both my daughter and I have often been the only woman, or one of a handful of women in a sea of men.

So, strong, capable and equal … or frail, sensitive and desperate for that fainting couch; pick one or the other and stick to it consistently. At the very least, don’t talk like one, and act like the other. It only confuses the guys and embarrasses the heck out of women like me.

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  1. I don’t even try to understand Feminism anymore. It seems like a con game and a political useful tool to me these days, nothing more. It’s a Power Card with a ‘I am equal in every way and need to be treated and paid like that!’ on one side and ‘I’m a frail and emotional flower that needs protection from the Patriarchy and the harshness of the world!’ on the other. Which ever side is more useful at the moment is the side that gets played. It’s transparent, but it’s also effective.

  2. Exactly my point, Michael – and it is transparent and manipulative – but I’m beginning to think it isn’t so effective any more, outside academia, maybe. The woman who pitched such a fit about overhearing two guys joking around – she got one of them fired, but she got quite a backlash turned on herself – and eventually got fired as well. I’m pretty tired of the bait-n-switch myself, so I imagine guys who get caught in it must be livid. Hence the backlash…

  3. The college rape hysteria will be a boon for young lawyers for years to come. Title IX suits are a growth industry.

  4. Can’t add anything to what the Sgt or Michael said…Except perhaps the other aspect of it is if you see someone with your political beliefs degrading one of the sisterhood ignore him – as long as he helps your agenda

  5. >Which ever side is more useful at the moment is the side that gets played.<

    alot of "shark" stories just before 9/11/01. be prepared.

  6. ” my daughter, the thirtyish Marine Corps veteran of two hitches.”

    I got the impression that she was of high school age or perhaps just post high school age.

  7. My wife (also 60-ish and with 40+ years of fighting male-ism as well as Downtrodden Feminists) says the same with the same words. She and I raised two Army sergeant sons and an Air Force officer daughter, so we did something right.

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