5 thoughts on “V S Naipaul on ISIS as the Fourth Reich”

  1. Naipaul was way ahead of the curve in his analysis of Islam. “Among the Believers: An Islamic Journey” (1981) and “Beyond Belief: Islamic Excursions among the Converted Peoples” (1998) are excellent books. The first one was written after the 1979 Iranian Revolution. It cost Naipaul a lot of street cred in leftist literary circles. Edward Sa’id denounced him repeatedly. But, Naipaul had already made his bones as a novelist, and he proceeded to ignore the ankle bitters.

  2. Everyone’s got an ax to grind, Naipaul has a warehouse of them. I’d have to agree with ol’ Vidia on this subject, though. He doesn’t mention his native Trinidad however, where he surely had to have encountered early on, a bit of the virus. The island continues to have a strain of it, along with a witches brew of other belief systems.

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