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  • Tacos? May I Present …

    Posted by Sgt. Mom on March 23rd, 2015 (All posts by )

    For your dining pleasure, the three-star winner (South Texas Division) of the Chicagoboyz World Heritage Taqueria Guide – Erick’s Tacos, on Nacogdoches road.

    Behold the simple splendor of their open-air dining facility!
    Ericks - simple splendor

    Their mobile kitchen –
    Ericks - Kitchen truck

    They do actually now have a sit-down restaurant with a full kitchen – but Erick’s started as a taco truck, parked by Cordova Auto Repair.
    And finally – a plate of chorizo bistek. And watch out for the green sauce …

    Ericks - Chorizo Bistek


    7 Responses to “Tacos? May I Present …”

    1. Dan from Madison Says:

      I would eat lunch from that truck literally every day if it were close to where I work.

    2. Sgt. Mom Says:

      The food is fantastic – very authentic and at half the price of much more pretentious places specializing in Mexican street food.

    3. Jonathan Says:

      Most excellent.

    4. Gringo Says:

      I’m getting me some taco hunger. Maybe will go to the taco truck several blocks away.

    5. Grurray Says:

      That looks great. Cilantro is the lynchpin of a good taco.

    6. Tyouth Says:

      19 years old, 1 AM, 1970, just getting off 2nd shift at Bethleham Steel, never had a taco. Stopped a a little trailer outside the mills…thought that taco was about the greatest thing ever. My memory is not the best, but I’ll never forget taco #1.

    7. Jeff the Bobcat Says:

      What could be better at 2am after the bars close in Athens Ohio? A burrito of course. The Burrito Buggy on the corner of Court and Union Streets is most excellent and is still there some 25 years later. The owner is a millionaire. Genius.