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  • Comment Preview

    Posted by Jonathan on September 23rd, 2015 (All posts by )

    I’ve restored the comment preview feature that this blog once had but that stopped working after a WordPress upgrade. The new comment preview works as the old one did. Your comment displays under the comment entry box as you type it and as it will look after you publish it.


    11 Responses to “Comment Preview”

    1. Jonathan Says:

      Interesting. I type “WordPress” with a lower-case p and the system changes it to “WordPress”.

    2. Jonathan Says:

      wordpress, dammit

    3. Robert Schwartz Says:

      Thank You, Jonathan.

    4. Grurray Says:

      Thanks Jonathan.
      I’m often commenting on my phone, which isn’t the most precise instrument for syntax and grammar. Preview is most welcome.

    5. Ginny Says:

      Thanks – I’m sure it won’t end typos, tangled sentences and comma splices – but I’ll try to proof.

    6. dearieme Says:

      So if I write a line of verse
      Will it turn to something worse?

    7. Jonathan Says:

      It might be better
      Even twice as nice

    8. dearieme Says:

      There are blogs, Jonathan, where if a commenter wishes to burst into verse he has to write line1/line2 because if the tries to write


      it doesn’t appear like that.

      It’ll soon be haiku season, I suppose.

    9. Jonathan Says:

      It’s haiku season
      Now, always, and everywhere
      Let’s do it, Dearie

    10. Michael Hiteshew Says:

      Will it turn to something worse?
      More terse? It’s inverse?
      No one can know it. It’ll have to show it.
      An algorithmic poet!

    11. dearieme Says:

      Past the equinox
      Bright sun and dying tomatoes
      Mark the season.