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  1. A couple days later Hitler invaded Russia and took St Petersburg and Moscow. 20 million dead Russians later Russian armies were in Berlin and the war was over. Today Russia celebrates this victory. There is an African proverb “When elephants fight, the grass gets trampled”.

    Victoria Nuland is brilliant. She arranged the coup d’etat that overthrew the government of Ukraine. She hand picked the men who took over the government. She arranged the election that made their coup legitimate by excluding both East Ukraine and Crimea from voting. These two areas are 90% Russian and always outvoted the West Ukraine. Central Ukraine always voted 50-50. These areas elected the government Nuland overthrew.

    By capturing Ukraine, Nuland took control of half Russia’s defense industry, 6 of its 12 nuclear plants, its sea bases in Crimea and the pipeline that feeds gas to the EU. She captured Russia’s food supply. Controlling the pipeline controls the EU. Any EU country that disobeys Nuland/Obama freezes to death this winter. Putin has just built an undersea pipe line to Germany – setting Germany free of Nuland control.

    If Putin wants Ukraine back he must fight in the Ukraine – a war that will destroy Ukraine, its farms, its nuclear plants, its industries, its ports.

    Nuland totally outsmarted Putin.

    Putin has shifted the war to Syria.

    Obama is not in charge. No one listens to him.

    If forced into war, Putin would rather fight in the US than in Russia. Perhaps we should revive the old civil defense fall out shelters. Putin may have nuclear weapons in orbit – he may not need ICBMs.

    Or perhaps let Putin bring peace to Syria so that the refugees can go home. And give him back the Ukraine by letting the East Ukraine and Crimea vote in the next honest election. The refugees that fled Ukraine and now live in Russia should be allowed to vote in the honest election.

  2. Keep in mind, Dies Irae is Russian disinformation ops. Everything it says is designed to further Putin’s strategic goals and reverse the West’s strategic goals. Dies Irae is the enemy within (not counting the Obama administration, or the left in general).

    >>If Putin wants Ukraine back he must fight in the Ukraine
    Interesting phrasing. It posits that Ukraine is Putin’s private property. And prejustifies and invasion.

    And the usual threats, if you try to stop us, we will attack you with nuclear weapons. Always forgetting that we have nuclear weapons too. An attack on the USA would mean the end of Russian civilization.

  3. “A couple days later Hitler invaded Russia and took St Petersburg and Moscow.”

    The Germans never took either of those cities. St. Petersburg was surrounded and hung on by a thread, but it was never taken.

  4. It is foolish to think nuclear war is unthinkable. The dead are just as dead if killed with conventional weapons as with nuclear. The losing side in modern total war prefers nuclear war because the victor wins a world that can no longer support life of any kind. Think Mars.

    Therefor if a nuclear power is going to lose a conventional war fought on its home soil, it is better to use nuclear weapons to ensure that the victor wins a dead planet.

    BTW, I am not a Russian disinfo op.

  5. “Putin has shifted the war to Syria.”

    Regardless of dies irae pontifications, Putin is about pipelines.

    * Putin intervenes in Georgia. There are two major pipelines running thru the country.

    * Putin intervenes in Ukraine. At least initially to maintain some semblance of control over pipes running thru that country. Critical in fact because Ukraine is the central hub of eastern oil going West.

    * Putin has had overtures to Greece about financial aid. There is a pipeline running thru northern Greece that feeds gas to Italy.

    * Now Putin is intervening in Syria. And again its about pipes. Two major pipelines run thru Syria from Iraq to the Med and Turkey.

    If you don’t see the pattern here you’re blind. Putin intends that Russia control the flow of gas even if they don’t own the gas fields. And Nuland? She got pawned by Putin. His move into the Crimea threw the govt into chaos and the ‘pipelines as a weapon’ died on the table cause Putin brought guns to a knife fight.

    I’ll give you three predictions if I am right —

    1) Russia will give financial aid to Greece for promises on the sanctity of the pipes.
    2) If necessary Russia will intervene in Turkey, again to protect the pipes and extract titular control over their use.
    3) Russia will by various means attempt to block Israel from developing their Med gas fields with an intended pipeline to Italy. Or go so far as to have Gazpom build it for them at a discount price. Result is the same — titular interest in the pipe.

    If I am really right here is the outlier. Russia will intervene in Libya using ISIS as a pretense. Real target? Control of pipelines to the Med.

    Book it.

  6. The pipeline through Turkey is likely DOA. This summer Putin recognized the Armenian Genocide, which wasn’t too popular with Turkey’s leader Erdogan. Armenia is solidly aligned with Russia because of their perpetual dispute with Azerbaijan, and Azerbaijan is close to Turkey because it’s their gateway to Europe and selling gas to Europe.

    Now Putin is intervening militarily in Syria to protect Assad from rebels who are being supported by Turkey.

    This means any collaboration between Russian and Turkey is grinding to a halt. Putin is no dummy and has likely factored all this in while deciding his actions and interventions. Turkey and Erdogan’s government are weakening. They fatally miscalculated with their boondoggle in Syria. They tried to overthrow Assad and ended up destroying themselves.

    It looks like the Nordstream II pipeline through the Baltic Sea is going to be built, but that won’t be finished until after 2020. EU regulations also require that it be opened to competition, so somehow Russia will have to break up Gazprom’s mononoply and institute free market reforms. Very murky outlook there. Russia will be dependent on Ukraine for a long time.

    As if that wasn’t enough there are other holes to plug. Gas is streaming to Europe now from all directions. Don’t forget that we will soon be shipping them LNG. If we can continue to build up the necessary infrastructure for liquifying, it will be serious competition to piped gas. We’re just getting started but already seeing a lot of interest from Europe.

  7. Post-election flexibility, y’all. Or perhaps it’s like that Chicago Boy(z) Gil-Scott Heron used to sing “The revolution will not be televised” I try and keep track, but can’t really make heads or tails of what’s going on. I still have a hard time with the whole “incompetence” thing, given all the malicious capers that are known to have been sanctioned. Israeli papers report that Russia is providing air support for Iranian and Hezbollah ground forces. Hope and Change.

  8. @Dies Irae: “A couple days later Hitler invaded Russia and took St Petersburg and Moscow.”

    Uh, no. The Germans partially encircled Leningrad and besieged it for 3 years, but never took it. They got close enough to see the spires of the Kremlin, but never took Moscow, either.

  9. The real nightmare for Putin is that EMC2Fusion or McDonald Douglas’s skunkworks work out compact fusion and announce the start of construction on a demonstrator plant in a few years. All that effort, all that scheming, all those pipelines suddenly become much less valuable. pB11 fusion leaves no long term radioactive waste, no meltdowns are possible, and the technology can be modularized and work at a reasonable scale. Nobody would lose more than Russia if science finally nails down that technology and somebody brings it to market.

    An interesting question would be whether the greens would let a safe energy source that doesn’t emit CO2 onto the market.

  10. “An interesting question would be whether the greens would let a safe energy source that doesn’t emit CO2 onto the market.”

    They will fight to the death and lose (I hope) just as the new ice age begins.

    I still think it is coming. Lost of good property opportunities in North Africa. We just need to clear out the present occupants.

    Remember that the Sahara was a Mediterranean climate in the last ice age.

  11. It’s fairly simple. The Qataries have vast amounts of gas. They would like to pipeline that to Europe. This is why Assad must go. LOL.

    Anyhoo, Vlad is tossing monkey wrenches around like Popeye these days. You could assume he is going to take down ISIS as that is an American tool to disturb the area, to the advantage of the Saudis, and the entire Sunni alliance, and of course the good ol USA.

    Perhaps Vicky Nuland was not so smart after all.

    Gets popcorn.

  12. The best way for Obama to eliminate a leader like Asaad that he doesn’t like.

    Send an army to arrest the dictator. (Hiring local guys to destabilize the dictator only leads to lots of collateral damage, civilian deaths and drives the innocent bystanders out of the country. Also, it can take many years to get the dictator).

    Instead, Obama’s army should enter the country and takes position at the palace where the dictator lives. The general knocks on the door and shouts “LITTLE PIG, LITTLE PIG, LET ME IN!”

    If the dictator comes out, arrest him. If not the general orders his army to blow the palace down, then sift through the wreckage for the dictator. Repeat process until dictator is arrested.

    Fly home. Give dictator a trial and hang him as part of the half time show at the next Washington Redskins game.

    This technique works on all dictators in any part of world. It has very low collateral damage and can be done in a single day.

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