10 thoughts on “Dead Candidate Walking”

  1. It appears that Jeb’s political consultants don’t have kids under 10 years of age, or they would have caught that.

  2. Guys, the Bush campaign is running around with campaign signs with “Jeb Can Fix It” on them.

    That is stealing a line from the 2012 cartoon movie WRECK IT RALPH. (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1772341/)

    Jeb Bush is channeling the cartoon character ‘Fix it Felix’, who got a magic hammer from his Dad to fix things.

    It says a lot about the (in)competence of a presidential campaign consultant to suggest that without knowing the pop culture reference.

    It says a great deal more about the candidate that he missed the implications for how opposition research would use it to frame has candidacy, after Ann Richards did her “Poor George, he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. line at the DNC to his father.”

  3. I was thinking of Bob the Builder. I will have to check out Felix. I must have missed that one.

    Either way, it doesn’t seem fitting for any mature adult to use this slogan, let alone a presidential candidate. Jeb should go back to his fantasy football tournament and forget about wasting our time and his donors’ money on this doomed campaign.

  4. Likely I have been reading too much British media lately, but my first thought was Jimmy Savile’s TV vehicle, “Jim’ll Fix it.” Which is even worse than Bob the Builder.

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