“‘Teaching Children About World Religions and Ethics Could Help Counter Islamophobia’: A Response”

Seth Barrett Tillman:

In fact, we all know that it is this very real possibility—the omnipresent depressing likelihood of future Paris-like attacks—which is the urgent crisis that demands our immediate attention and our best efforts. All our lives and our children’s lives depend on it. All know this, except Dr. O’Donnell. For her, the “urgent [matter is] to ensure that students and professionals do not resort to prejudicial judgments about others”. This is the sort of grand category error that the public has come to expect from a disconnected transnational, elitist, academic class: an academic class which sees tradition, loyalty, and patriotism as primitive, and whose promoters teach that nations, citizenship, borders, and law defined by elected parliaments are irksome problems to be overcome.

Worth reading in full.

13 thoughts on ““‘Teaching Children About World Religions and Ethics Could Help Counter Islamophobia’: A Response””

  1. They don’t think they are in much danger from radical Islam, which statistically, is true. They are worried about losing power to the other culture they compete with in America (and western Europe, Anglosphere), which is us. Everything they say and do fits into that competition.

  2. My judgments are not prejudicial. They are deeply considered and well thought out. That is the opposite of a phobia.

  3. Teaching children about world religions and ethics could help counter Islamophobia? Well, in a sense, it could … could intensify that fear and dislike of Islam by giving them excellent and fact-based rationales for such a fear.

  4. My senior year in high school I took an AP Humanities course which had a great deal of comparative religion packed into it. Huston Smith’s The Religions of Man was one of our textbooks. I commend the comparative religion approach.

    One of the students was a woman from Saudi Arabia- as she was married, I couldn’t call her a girl. She once mentioned that foreign oil workers lived in housing segregated from Saudis. A black student in the class replied that she didn’t like that. I didn’t find out until years later that the Saudi authorities segregated foreign oil workers as a matter of policy, so that they wouldn’t contaminate Saudis with foreign ideas and customs.

    The course had a broad historical overlay. I don’t recall much discussion of current manifestations of Islam or other religions.

    As a result of taking the course,I doubt that I am any less “Islamophobic” than most. I look at how many of my ancestors, Quakers among them, came to the US so that they could practice their religion freely, and compare the freedom of religion in the US to Saudi Arabia. Those who like freedom of religion are going to have a rather phobic attitude towards Saudi Arabia- how strange.

  5. “Those who like freedom of religion are going to have a rather phobic attitude towards Saudi Arabia- how strange.”

    The royal family has a devil’s bargain with the Wahabbis which brought them the kingdom but which will probably pull them down in the near future.

    The royals are hedonists who do their drinking and whoring in France or Beverly Hills. I’m sure they all have bolt holes ready for when the day comes.

    I had a friend from Hong Kong who told me his wealthy family always had first class airline tickets to Canada as a possible escape route if it became necessary. They would make reservations for some date a month or two ahead and keep canceling and remaking the reservations. They always had valid tickets.

    I don’t know if the Saudis are there yet but it will come.

  6. Oh, and by the way, children … Islam wants you girls to veil yourselves in all-enveloping black fabric bags, you boys to join military brigades where your duties will include throwing homosexuals off tall buildings, raping women of other faith traditions, and beheading captives if it’s not convenient to sink them in metal cages in water or burn them alive.
    Byeee … have a lovely day, and remember … no running in the halls!

  7. This is a joke, right? Teaching children about Nazism, Islam, or Communism should raise a generation of warriors bent on eliminating such abominations.

  8. >>Hungarian trucker running the gauntlet to Calais- bad language.

    Amazing. Women and children refugees. Uh-huh. They act like animals.

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