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  • “Hell on Earth”: Newly Revealed Photos from the Battle of Passchendaele

    Posted by Jonathan on July 21st, 2007 (All posts by )

    According to this article the photos are hand-colored. If so it’s a superb job. Check them out.

    (via Critical Miami)


    6 Responses to ““Hell on Earth”: Newly Revealed Photos from the Battle of Passchendaele”

    1. Lexington Green Says:

      Amazing. I do not see the source of these photos listed in the article. Maybe I missed it. There must be more where these came from.

    2. ligneus Says:

      There was a color photography process from before the war, I have seen elsewhere color photos of the war so may these as some of them. They look more like they could be rather than hand colored.
      You can see some here.

    3. John Jay Says:

      Ligneus – I think you might mean this Russian process. It was too cumbersone to do with combat phtography.

    4. ligneus Says:

      John. It was a French process called Autochrome. Entry on it here on Wikipedia which has links to other sites, including one of World War 1 Photos.

    5. Charlie Says:

      The photo of the two Germans machine gunners is a fake.

      Here is the original: Link

      I would not be surprised if the photo link I just posted is also a fake, or was staged. The idea that a camera man set up a photo and had an artillary shell happen to go off at the same time is possible, but not probable. If he was crazy enough to set up for a photo shot while even a desultory artillery barriage was going off, there would be movement in the water.

    6. joe Says:

      Go to