“An Open Letter to Mark Steyn, Simon Heffer, Milo Yiannopoulos, Breitbart (London), and His Grace, Archbishop Cranmer”

New from Seth Barrett Tillman:

We are rapidly approaching the 50th anniversary of Enoch Powell’s Birmingham speech on immigration, more popularly known as the Rivers of Blood speech (April 20, 1968). Powell spoke out against unlimited immigration to England from Commonwealth nations. Because at that time such immigrants were predominantly West Indians and Asians, many saw Powell’s speech as covertly racialist…

Seth has a follow-up question.

7 thoughts on ““An Open Letter to Mark Steyn, Simon Heffer, Milo Yiannopoulos, Breitbart (London), and His Grace, Archbishop Cranmer””

  1. British guitar great Eric Clapton was widely derided by critics within the music industry for supporting Powell. I wonder how many of those critics were horrified with the Bataclan massacre?

  2. It’s an interesting clash, what one person judges to be objectively true versus what another idealizes. When ideology clashes with reality, reality is usually the casualty.

    I’m not sure that, racially, blacks and muslims are incapable of integrating in Western Civilization. But our society must require assimilation and adoption of our social standards, that is, becoming an American or a Brit or a Swede. Instead we have people throwing out the melting pot and ‘celebrating diversity’. It’s social destruction by dilution. You cannot operate a smoothly functioning society when you cannot agree on the basics of social responsibility and behavior and belief.

  3. I’m having an interesting reading experience. I’m reading in order Daniel Silva’s Gabriel Allon novels about the Middle East. I’m at book 7 or 15. What is interesting is that this episode show Bush obviously as president. It will be interesting to get to Obama’s election and see how the stories go.

    For anyone who doesn’t know, the character Allon was one of the Israeli assassins who killed the Black September killers of the Israeli Munich Olympic Team. He does not fit the navel gazing version of Spielberg. The novels are in sequence and follow his career. Very well plotted and great color. I am not a fiction reader normally.

  4. American Blacks are American.

    Or what are they?

    Blacks and Whites have been together here – I mean American Blacks not immigrants – from the start. We get along fine.

    How much is racism really a force in people’s lives if the TV is off?

    ?? how much??

    The Black/White racial conflict in America is Othello writ large.

    To return to thread – of course Powell was right. What he didn’t say was the Harm was intentional.

  5. I too, have been reading the Silva novels. I’d heard him interviewed some time ago, and while at the airport recently I picked up The Heist, to read on a cruise. I’ve since read six or seven, just finishing The Rembrandt Affair. My wife asked if I thought these novels would be made into films. I laughingly replied, “not in Hollywood or Europe”

    I also never before read this type of fiction, but I’ve enjoyed them.

  6. Made my day”
    “Reggae is a lot more benign, and a lot more assimilable, than Sharia.”
    Thanks Subotai Bahadur

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