New! – Your Investigative Reporting (first in a series)

Closing the gap between blogs and conventional journalism, Chicagoboyz goes undercover to document the harsh realities facing one of our nation’s most beleaguered at-risk communities. In this exclusive hidden-camera image, desperate Cuban-coffee addicts congregate in broad daylight in the Miami “shooting gallery” where they get their daily fix.


7 thoughts on “New! – Your Investigative Reporting (first in a series)<Photo>”

  1. I tried some Cuban coffee last year for the first time. I expected it would be a strong brew but WOW! If someone were passed out I expect Cuban coffee should be administered.

  2. That takes me back to college days, when on weekends I would moonlight as a DJ, then down about 5 of those things with a guava empañada for breakfast and then go to my regular job at the Peaches record store in South Miami. Mmmmm.

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