“Not helpful”

That’s what Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said when pressed to comment on MoveOn.org’s despicable “Betray Us” ad in the NYT.

On the contrary, I think the ad was very helpful, since it makes crystal-clear its sponsors’ position on the war and on their country. Of course this kind of clarity is not politically helpful for today’s Democratic Party.

4 thoughts on ““Not helpful””

  1. Sometimes the truth hurts, whether you’re Harry Reid, Gen Petraeus or George Bush. For those of us with a memory, we’ve been down this road before. It’s theatre.

    Our country’s moral responsibility is to assist in the non-violent reconstruction of a country that was invaded by and is being destroyed by men and women in love with death. It has nothing to do with and never had anything to do with the security of our nation.

  2. men and women in love with death

    Al Qaeda? The Baathists?

    Apparently the truth hits the America-haters at MoveOn.org and slides off without leaving an impression. The military and pro-war people are “in love with death,” but when the Left cuts down their own country you dismiss it as mere theater. And we’re destroying Iraq, which means Saddam Hussein was OK. Thanks for letting us know where you stand.

  3. Isn’t the advertisement’s presence in the New York Times newspaper preaching to the choir?

    Those people who read that newspaper already know the agenda. It’s not as if the advertisement were daring in some way.

  4. American haters?
    Did you read the advertisement? It contrasted facts with fiction.
    You are confusing rulers with love of country. The love of one’s country is not the same as supporting a political agenda, or politicians or the military, whether from the so-called Left or Right. By country, do you mean the political rulers, the form of government; the inhabitants of its borders; its rivers, lakes, forests, mountains, deserts?

    Hussein is dead. He’s gone the way of all flesh.

    Neither Petraeus nor Bush are “the country”. They are men who believe the killing of human beings will solve problems and bring peace.
    As do those who violently oppose them.
    And where do you stand?
    Is the language of violence, the use of violence, the desecration of human life within the womb and outside the womb where you stand?
    Is meting out of death the solution to problems?

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