8 thoughts on “Levin TV: Episode One”

  1. I find it odd to listen to someone rant for that long yet agree with virtually everything they say.

  2. Levin is often over the top but still a fount of thorough, incisive catharsis.
    I’m just glad I don’t have to turn on Hannity now to watch him. To have to sit through that show’s innane shouting matches in order to get to his interviews was too frustrating.

  3. This would seem to be the future. We had The Blaze on our provider for a while, and they did a good job with that channel. I find both Levin and Beck to be over the top. One yells a lot and the other is prone to tears and weird tangents, but I see some refreshing change. I can “cut the cable” but Comcast (NBC) still controls my internet. If not them, it’ll be some other big media conglomerate. Time will test the limits of free speech in this format.

  4. In response to Robert Reich’s assertion that we need immigrants in order pay social security taxes:

    “Allowing people to come into the country who are more takers than givers, sorry it’s just true, doesn’t fix the problem. It exacerbates the problem.

    One other point. What’s the purpose of immigration? We never have this discussion. The purpose of immigration isn’t to fund federal programs, even if it did that. The purpose of immigration is for immigrants to contribute to our society, to improve our society. That is the basis, always has been the basis for immigration. It’s not what the immigrant wants or the sending country wants. It’s what the people of the United States want.”

    Pretty good show. I’m not much of a TV guy, but I may have to subscribe to this.

  5. In response to Robert Reich’s assertion that we need immigrants in order pay social security taxes:

    Think like a leftist and you can then decipher their mumblings. The people exist to serve the state, therefore we need immigrants to preserve the social welfare system. If leftists understood that the state existed to serve the people, then preserving the people would become a top priority and a reform of the state and of the welfare state would be undertaken.

    What Reich doesn’t want to address is while importing low skilled immigrants creates immediate cash flow which can be used to fund the pay-as-you-go welfare state, this also creates long term liabilities in that those low skilled people will grow old and require old age benefits and because they’re low income they never actually produce a net economic benefit for the nation or for their contribution to the welfare state.

    It must suck to be a leftist and realizing that you can’t intellectually defend your greatest desires, the welfare state and multiculturalism.

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