2 thoughts on ““Part II, Louise Arbour’s Millions””

  1. She’s a professional do-gooder. It makes no difference how much destruction she wreaks doing her good, as long as she gets to feel like a powerful mover and shaker and oh!, so morally superior. And this is her profession. She makes a very good living ‘doing good’.

    I’m reminded, for some reason, of something Dr. David Rogers, who has degrees both in pure science and also in engineering, once said. (Paraphrasing) Scientists study things. What is the conclusion of every scientific study? That we’ve learned new things but that has only raised additional questions and we need to do more studies. Why? Because, that what scientists do, they study things!

  2. I hear that there are about 4 billion people dependent on subsistence agriculture on this planet. What happens when they are displaced? I think we can look to Mexico to get a sense of the outcome. What happens when farmers lose their livelihoods, they become migrants.

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