“Seth Barrett Tillman Spanks the Irish Left”

Seth advances against enemy fire as we have come to expect:

NRC’s own Seth Barrett Tillman recently appeared on Ireland’s RTÉ Radio One Late Debate. [The Irish media apparently plays by the same rules of engagement as CNN and the rest of the American media–4 out of the 6 participants were left-to-far left.]
But Seth pretty much won the “debate” at the outset [it was pretty much a Donald Trump ‘racism’ bash] by pointing out that in 2004, Ireland herself voted 80-20 for their constitutional Amendment Twenty-Seven, which abolished “birthright citizenship.”

More at the link.

2 thoughts on ““Seth Barrett Tillman Spanks the Irish Left””

  1. Seth is like an invasive predator in Ireland. The indigenous population is defenseless against his staggering mightiness!

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