The Federal Government’s “BIG LIE” About Muslim Terrorism in Orlando

In its public relations on Omar Mateen’s attack in the Pulse night club in Orlando, the federal government is engaged in a propaganda technique know as “The Big Lie”.  That is, it’s stating an untruth often enough to get people to believe it.

The Big Lie in this case, stated by both FBI Director James Comey and President Obama is that Omar Mateen was a “lone wolf” that “self-radicalized over the Internet.”

It is four days after the Pulse attack.  Omar Mateen spent 18 days in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 2011 and 2012. There is no way that all the associates of Mateen in those two trips can be known in four days.  Nor what if any training or Islamist materials Mateen might have received on small items like USB drives while on those trips.

See if you can spot all the weasel words from this Fox News story passage quoting the Saudi Ministry of the Interior —

A Saudi Ministry of Interior spokesman confirmed that Mateen twice performed the umrah Islamic pilgrimage and that travel records showed he also visited the United Arab Emirates on one of the trips. But he said Saudi officials, who closely surveil tourists deemed to be a terror threat, had no evidence Mateen traveled to Yemen of made contact with known extremists during his visits to the Kingdom.”

Weasel Phrase #1 & questions raised —

 Mateen twice performed the umrah Islamic pilgrimage…


  1. Did Mateen attend Mosques or other Islamic organizations in Saudi Arabia with ‘extremist’ connections?
  2.  Did people who became extremists after 2011 to 2012 attend Saudi Mosques or other Islamic organizations at the same time as Mateen or travel with Mateen?

Weasel Phrase #2 & questions raised —

…had no evidence Mateen traveled to Yemen or made contact with known extremists during his visits to the Kingdom.


1. Would the Saudis know if Mateen meet ‘known extremists’ in the UAE?

2. Did people who the UAE consider ‘extremists’ meet Mateen?

3. Did Mateen attend mosques or other Islamic organizations in the UAE with extremist connections, and at the same time as then-unknown ‘extremists’?

Given the simple questions raised above, there is absolutely no reasonable way that Pres. Obama and the FBI Director stating that Omar Mateen “self-radicalized” can be considered as anything but a deliberate lie after only four days of investigation.


Given the use of the Big Lie on Orlando by FBI Director James Comey, we now have to assume all the following about organizations, politics and near-future events.

  1. FBI Director James Comey is President Obama’s partisan “good dog” in the same sense that Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Director of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson, and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper are.
  2. The federal government’s top priority in dealing with Muslim terrorism in the USA will remain political correctness in surveillance before attacks and narrative damage control after attacks, rather than prevention of attacks.
  3. There will be an increasing number of domestic Muslim terrorist attacks because of the Obama administration’s open-borders immigration policy and refusal to properly vet this immigrant stream for radical Islamic Terrorists.
  4. Republicans now see DHS and FBI counterintelligence as an utterly Democratic partisan organization like the IRS.
  5. The first Republican-majority government after the San Bernardino and Orlando terrorist attacks will see a new, independent, federal counterintelligence agency with an utterly partisan GOP senior leadership established.
  6. And last, there will be no indictment of Hillary Clinton over her illegal e-mail server unless and until Donald Trump wins the presidency.

Make your preparations for the future accordingly.

40 thoughts on “The Federal Government’s “BIG LIE” About Muslim Terrorism in Orlando”

  1. Also see Richard Fernandes’ column today at the Belmont Club:

    “… Noack explains that the reason terror suspects involved in recent attacks have not been monitored is because there are simply not enough security personnel to do it. “It’s impossible to monitor all terror suspects,” he writes. “These charts show why.” The charts proceed to show that Western police forces no longer have the manpower to track more than a small fraction of the suspected bad guys.

    To cover the 3,000 terror suspects in the UK would take 40% of the entire police force, so the British cops track no more than 50. “If France wanted to observe all 11,000 terror suspects in the country, it would need its entire police force of 220,000 officers — or more.” That is obviously out of the question, especially since ISIS has now taken to whittling down the number of French police by killing them. It would take 5/8 — about 63% of the US police force — to watch the 25,000 individuals on the watch list.

    … The Western elites first imported ISIS in the most expensive conceivable way and then proceeded to manage them through the most inefficient method imaginable. They imported a threat which as Foreign Policy points out is effectively a state-sponsored shock unit and now find they can’t afford to monitor it. Why it’s almost like promising pensions that can’t be funded.

    … The Washington Post article suggests that making deals with the Muslim community is the only remaining hope to eke out the manpower of the police. When Obama says he needs to stay in the good graces of the Islamic community he is telling the truth as only a frightened man can tell it. Both the administration’s policy of pandering to the Islamic community and its attempts to disarm the natives — prominently on display in recent days — are best explained by desperation rather than confidence.”

  2. “… The Washington Post article suggests that making deals with the Muslim community is the only remaining hope to eke out the manpower of the police”

    The same way we had to make deals with the German-American community to keep them from turning to terrorism during WWII?

  3. From the Fox News story Trent linked to:

    “… Orlando gunman Omar Mateen’s two trips to Saudi Arabia, one of which was a pricey package that included four-star accommodations and fancy meals, were highly unusual and may have been cover for terror training, according to experts.

    … Mateen’s first trip to Saudi Arabia was for 10 days, and the jaunt a year later was for eight. The 2011 trip was arranged by U.S.-based Islamic travel agency Dar El Salam and was a package the company calls the “Sacred Caravan Umrah.”

    The package costs up to $4,000 and is generally comprised of four nights at four-star accommodations in Mecca and six nights in Medina, complete with buffet meals, sightseeing and religious studies and lectures.

    The travel agency did not respond to a request for comment.

    The second trip included a stop in the United Arab Emirates, but the exact itinerary of either trip is not known. The FBI, which searched Mateen’s condominium in Fort Pierce, Fla., overnight Sunday and into Monday morning, taking a computer and several other items, declined to comment on what investigators may have learned about Mateen’s travels.

    Muslim leaders said it was unusual for Mateen to have made two visits to Saudi Arabia in consecutive years — the first when he was just 24.

    “It’s not cheap to do so and people that young usually don’t go twice,” said Adnan Khan, former leader of the Council of Pakistan-American Affairs. “And especially considering he appeared not to have come from a staunchly religious background.”

    Two trips in as many years is a bright red flag, said Mauro…”

  4. >>Two trips in as many years is a bright red flag, said Mauro…”

    Tom H,

    This is why I call the Fed’s statement about Mateen being “self-radicalized over the Internet.” a “BIG LIE.”

  5. Trent, you might correct your opening post. Mateen spent 18 days in Arabia total, not 10. 10 days the first time, and 8 days the next year.

    At this point it is probable that he was recruited as a terrorist outside the US. He may or may not have been trained abroad. That depends on whether he had the opportunity to pick up his demonstrated marksmanship skill (head shot on a SWAT officer) during his security guard training.

  6. So, our national law enforcement bodies appear to have little interest in actually taking concrete and effective steps to secure us against threats from Islamic-inspired acts of mass terror – it’s all more a matter of security theater, of looking like they are taking a serious interest without actually doing anything effective, since they actually can’t — or don’t really want to — get serious.

    And of course, our chief executive appears more solicitous of Muslim feelings than of the lives of Americans. We can, so he has assured us (he who will live the rest of his life in a bubble of security provided by the Secret Service) absorb any number of Islamic-inspired terror attacks. Because the brunt of those attacks will fall on ordinary American citizens going about their every-day lives. I imagine that when such attacks happen, our ruling class will make some brief and obligatory showing of sympathy, and the intellectual elite will scurry over to NPR or CNN or likely both, to murmur that we really deserved it, after all.

  7. Take a look at what’s going on in the halls of Congress.

    Now look at what’s going on in Sacramento. Bear in mind California’s record as a trend-setting state, for good and ill.

    Now spend five minutes and browse your mess and social media, and look at the orchestrated drumbeat of hate against anything Christian, Caucasian, or traditional.

    Then consult Gunbot and buy more ammunition. Not for revolution, as I continually exhort, but for simple self defense.

  8. At this point we should consider whether the 2nd FBI investigation of Mateen was even aware that there had been a prior FBI investigation of him.

  9. The Obama administration purged all intelligence officers who were concerned about Islamic terrorism

    It’s hardly a big secret that President Obama from the moment he arrived at the White House put the kibosh on any discussion of radical Islam as a security problem, even in classified channels. In 2009, the administration banned politically loaded words like “jihad” even in classified Intelligence Community assessments discussing terrorism – a message that was received loud and clear in the counterterrorism community. Missing the next 9/11 could be survived, career-wise, while accusations of Islamophobia would not be with Barack Obama in the White House.

    During Mr. Obama’s first term, there was a thorough purge of personnel in the Intelligence Community and the Defense Department who were unwilling to follow the new party line. People were mysteriously reassigned, contracts were suddenly cancelled, meetings were delayed never to be rescheduled. The message was obvious to counterterrorism professionals. </b

  10. Remember the response time of the FBI at Benghazi? Laughable. Everyone knows the game except for the general public. I’d imagine the FBI is much like the Border Patrol. Cash your checks and keep your mouth shut, or seek employment elsewhere.

    Each federal agency or office, probably now has a political officer in HR, as there was in the Soviet Union. Anybody pipes up and says “hey, we investigated this guy a while back” get’s called on the carpet. Don’t demonstrate enough contrition? Have fun working at the Fargo N.D. office. Still can’t get up to speed with the administrations philosophies? We need a urinalysis.

    Nobody wants to lose their job, few are willing to risk it all.

  11. “It’s impossible to monitor all terror suspects,” he writes. Quite right: just obviously true, as any back-of-the-envelope calculation will confirm.

    And yet just a few days ago there was quite a a bit of enthusiasm here for thoroughly vetting moslem immigrants – another job which couldn’t conceivably be properly done. The loudmouth’s policy of ‘ban them all’ is actually far more rational than ‘vet them all’.

  12. dearieme,

    First you stop the flood.

    Then you start draining the swamp by deporting non-citizen Muslims from problem Mosques like the one in Orlando

    This will take time and in the interim thousands of Americans will die from terrorist attacks…until you start getting spontaneous arson and other attacks on Muslims by the general public.

    This will be a process of years.

  13. The first Republican-majority government after the San Bernardino and Orlando terrorist attacks…

    What makes you think there will ever be another Republican President?

    Trump is going to crash and burn; Republicans will lose the Senate, and probably the House.

    The Democrats will replace Scalia with a hard leftist, and thereafter SCotUS will be a rubber stamp for them. If not completely and at once, then after Kennedy goes, which won’t be long (he’s almost 80).

    With open immigration and general amnesty, the Democrats will add tens of millions of new Democrat voters by 2020. Also SCotUS will find that disfranchising felons is unconstitutional. The Democrat regime will give billions to fund leftist NGOs which will register all of these new voters, show them “how to vote”, and get them to the polls (or collect their mail-in ballots). The leftist tilt in K-12 schools will be reinforced, herding millions of new voters to the Democrats. Colleges and universities (private and public) will function openly as Democrat campaign arms.

    Meawhile, the IRS, FEC, SEC, OSHA, FTC, BATF, FTC, EPA, and FCC will all be turned loose against conservative NGOs, activists, donors, and media.

    Under those conditions, do you think the Republican candidate in 2020 will have any chance? Or in 2024?

  14. “Trump is going to crash and burn; Republicans will lose the Senate, and probably the House.”

    I think under those circumstances there will be a violent revolution.

    Even if Hillary is elected, I think she will be warned by the Trump phenomenon.

    You seem to be a member of the “burn down the barn to get rid of the rats” school of Republicans.

  15. Mike,

    55% of all primary voters chose candidates who absolutely, unmistakably, proposed MAJOR changes in the status quo. Those who voted for Trump, Sanders, Cruz and Ben Carson knew very well what their candidates stand for. This is the most seriously unhappy electorate since at least 1980.

  16. Urg, change it to:

    “Those who voted for Trump, Sanders, Cruz and Ben Carson knew very well that their candidates propose major changes in the way things are.”

  17. Am I imagining it or did Comey say in one interview that clubs like Pulse weren’t on their radar? To say that would seem to indicate that experts weren’t informing the FBI.

  18. “55% of all primary voters chose candidates who absolutely, unmistakably, proposed MAJOR changes in the status quo. ”

    I guess I missed it. Of course, I probably did not watch as obsessively as you did.

    I supported Walker and sent money to Fiorina. Neither talked about the issues of immigration and Muslims.

  19. Mike, my recollection is that 70% of GOP primary voters chose Trump, Cruz and Carson, and 43% of Democratic voters chose Sanders. The overall vote totals, of both parties, for them was 55%.

    The voters are outright *issed. In addition to:

    “It will be a GOP landslide for the Presidency anyway. This is a GOP sweep year for the presidency due to structural factors. Any plausible GOP nominee will beat ANY Democratic nominee, with the GOP getting 55%+ of the popular vote and 400+ electoral votes in November.

    The structural factors have been the GOP sweep of Congressional, state and local elections in the 2010, 2012 and 2014 elections, to the point where it would be difficult for the GOP to win any more such offices, plus that the economy and jobs have plain sucked the whole time. Historically this has always resulted in an overwhelming turnover of the Presidency.”

    I gave Walker $1000 last year, and was going to vote for Cruz this year until he blamed Trump for the lefties’ Chicago mob attack on Trump supporters. At that point I was done with Cruz, and just watched from the sidelines until Trump won.

    My middle of December prediction, though, was that Trump would be elected. Trent saw me do it.

  20. “in the interim thousands of Americans will die from terrorist attacks”: with any luck they won’t, not in those numbers. Or to be more precise; while the terrorists pursue their rather stupid tactics, they won’t.

    Unfortunately that means that just a few intelligent terrorist organisers might be capable of disrupting large chunks of your society. The more often your Establishment surrenders to terrorism, the greater the risk that intelligent men on the make will be attracted to the terrorism business.

    Your position is currently quite favourable. I’d guess that Sweden and Belgium may be doomed, and that France, Britain and Germany are at far greater risk than you.

  21. I should add that you really must give up your inconceivably stupid policy of provoking Russia, which could easily be an effective ally against moslem terrorists, and an impediment to Chinese aggrandisement. Once again, the loudmouth has grasped the right end of the stick.

  22. “u really must give up your inconceivably stupid policy of provoking Russia”

    It’s interesting to see how Trump has been attacked by Democrats for saying that Putin is doing a good job with Russia. I think he has played a weak hand pretty well.

    It was Obama and Hillary who tried to “reset” the relationship. It was Romney who said Russia is an enemy and was ridiculed by Obama for it.

  23. At the moment, we’ve got Russia surrounded. We have an uprecedented two carrier presence in the Mediterranean, and we’re engaging in large scale exercises in and around the Baltics that include warships and amphibious landings.

    The problem we will have with any future rapprochement with Russia is that her immediate neighbors don’t want it at all. We already know how Ukraine feels about it. The NATO summit next month is in Warsaw, and both Finland and Sweden will be in attendance. The Poles have always had obvious reasons for being completely unaligned with Russia, but now that Scandinavia has joined them the collective animosity is gaining momentum.

    To the south, Turkey and Russia are practically on a war footing. The Turks have already recruited Azerbaijan, who want to sell gas to Europe, and Georgia, who fears a Russian invasion, in forming an anti-Russo southern block.

    Recently now the central gap is closing with talk of a Black Sea fleet including Romania.

    This is what happens when the United States retreats from world leadership and becomes just another run-of-the-mill member. Civilizations revert back to their otherwise natural alignments and events unfold accordingly with or without us.

  24. “Civilizations revert back to their otherwise natural alignments”: the natural alignment of China and Russia would have China complaining endlessly to Russia about Unequal Treaties. It’s only reckless American dimwittedness that has forced them together.

    “the collective animosity is gaining momentum”: the world doesn’t turn on abstractions acting without moral agency. Reagan and Bush the Elder handled Russia intelligently; Slick Willie, W, and O stupidly and aggressively. As for Georgia, she started an irredentist war on Russia not so long ago. Was she put up to it by the US? I don’t know but I wouldn’t be surprised. Is it the US that has fomented the trouble with Ukraine? Seems likely.

    It’s such a pity that the loudmouth won’t win; there’s some chance that he’d bring caution and sense to US foreign policy.

  25. 103 people died during the Euromaidan protest, 184 shot, and 750 injured.
    The CIA failed to foresee, act meaningfully during, and/or outright bungled:
    the Iranian revolution, the collapse of the Soviet Union, 9-11 attacks, the Abu Omar case, the Arab Spring, a recent number of Islamic bombers and shooters. Not to mention failing for years to detect any number of moles such as Aldrich Ames, Robert Hanssen, Edward Snowden. But now they are supposed to be able to secretly persuade so many people half way around the world to die for a fabricated cause and take over an entire nation? Everybody gets lucky once in a while, but maybe it was really just the Russians.

  26. “failing for years to detect any number of moles such as Aldrich Ames, Robert Hanssen,”

    Ames and Hansen were evidence that our intel agencies are incompetent.

    The FBI is out of its depth with anything more complicated than bank robbery.

    I wonder how many recall that Joe Rochefort was punished by top brass and reassigned after he won the battle of Midway for us.

    The author tells the story of how opponents in Washington forced Rochefort’s removal from Station Hypo and denied him the Distinguished Service Medal recommended by Admiral Nimitz. In capturing the interplay of policy and personality and the role played by politics at the highest levels of the Navy, Carlson reveals a side of the intelligence community seldom seen by outsiders.

    And from a review of this biography.

    Repressed by his Washington bosses for showing them to be idiots regarding Midway, he is transferred out of ComInt to a backwater command, in charge of the construction of a new floating drydock, But he surprised everyone by diving into the job with zeal and getting it done in a manner that brought a sterling evaluation from his commander. That helped get him back into ComInt in Washington, where his innate language and cryptology skills once again were put to their proper use. That’s not to say that everything was then perfect for him–the challenges of the Navy’s bureaucracy and of some of its senior officers still made for a long, sad story not previously revealed.

    Nothing new under the sun.

  27. That is a good warning about what is likely to happen in Cleveland.

    Concerning public safety, Attkisson recently reported on Full Measure that Cleveland appears to be completely unprepared to host the upcoming GOP convention: “The head of policing said they’re not prepared; they haven’t been trained.”

    She continued:

    There is a complete disconnect between what the city official said is the preparation level and what the police said is the preparation level, and the head of the police unit said he’s worried his guys are going to get hurt, and they don’t have the equipment they expect. They fully think they’re going to be inundated with violent protesters because that’s what’s happened at other Trump events. So there’s concern there.

    The San Jose police were in on the plans to make the Trump rally an assault and battery. The Cleveland police may not know what is planned.

    I hope somebody does something or somebody is going to get killed. Maybe more than one.

  28. Zero Hedge is reporting that the killer’s father, Seddique Mateen, was linked to the CIA. It looks somewhat more plausible than their usual tinfoil hat theories. The rumors he met with Obama look farfetched, but he definitely had a lot of connections in Washington, as seen in photographs with different Congressmen. This may be why the killer was cleared by the FBI- help from above.

  29. I imagine the Chechen terrorists of the Boston bombing had family connections to the CIA too. Or you need some other explanation of why those bozos turned up in the US.

    It reminds me of another limitation of “vetting”: you don’t know what the children will turn out to be like. The loudmouth is right on this issue.

    Come to think of it, Steve Sailer has long argued that O’s mother had CIA connections. I repeat: you don’t know what the children will turn out to be like.

  30. One of the (many) things that has troubled me about this latest massacre, is how different Mateen and his father look. Mateen, looks positively Arab, whilst the father looks very Asian, Pakistani, Afghani etc. This may of course, mean nothing, often times male children don’t look like their fathers, but in the absence of facts, speculation often runs rampant.

    Also, the connection to the BP spill is interesting. Anyone remember the smack-down Blake Farenthold got for suggesting the spill was tantamount to a shakedown? I’ve often wondered if that was sabotage, designed to forward the Climate Change agenda, and a distribution of wealth. Again, probably nothing, but then again, I put nothing past people who’s mission statement is “By Any Means Necessary”

  31. BP had violated so many safety regulations that the spill isn’t so surprising as the form the “reparations” took – of course BP’s ads had been proudly saying they were mainly oil producing. Exxon, which had few safety violations, is seen as a villain, denying climate warming, etc. If I vote for Trump one of the primary reasons will be that he argues that climate warming is pretty much a hoax. Of course, I don’t know if he believes it.

  32. Over time, several Americans I’ve met have described Europeans as largely socialist. As a european, my gut twists and turns in disgust as I say this but they were right: being born here, socialism runs deep in Europe. The reasons are numerous but, as is often the case in these matters, Europe’s far right is also pretty far out there. And no, I’m not thinking about those arsewipes, the nazis, since they are but another flavour of socialism.

    So, there’s not much I can offer in this comment apart from: welcome to our life USA! It’s not pretty, but you can still keep your conscience clean and hope/pray/work for Freedom every single day of your life. Truth will, as always, prevail at the customary high cost.

  33. You could not make this up.

    Iowahawk tweeted this about it — “I’m half convinced they’re actually helping her get out of the country to avoid the embarrassing trial.”


    AG Lynch Admits the FBI Has Lost Track of Omar Mateen’s Wife

    ‘I believe she was going to travel but I do not know exactly her location now’

    Attorney General Loretta Lynch admitted today that the FBI is unaware of the whereabouts of Omar Mateen’s wife, Noor Salman.

    Salman has indicated she suspected Mateen was about to commit a terrorist attack, and even accompanied him to buy the weaponry he used to carry out the massacre. She insists, however, that as he left she tried to hold onto his arm so he wouldn’t leave.

    If the FBI believes she was aware of the impending attack, she could be prosecuted.

    “Has the shooter’s wife left the state of Florida?” a reporter asked Lynch during her press conference Tuesday.

    “Right now, I don’t know exactly the answer to that,” Lynch candidly replied. “I believe she was going to travel but I do not know exactly her location now.”

  34. If you’re part of a culture that views lying as a flaw, a personality defect, than statements like this are problematic. However, if you are not part of that culture and see lying as being clever, a tactic, a strategy to achieve your goals than it’s just three letters that can be arranged any way you like.

    Many administration plugs are comfortable with dishonesty. Lynch has probably lied her entire life, living lies, telling them. When she took the job she knew she would have to lie, that she would have to provide cover for a man who’s entire life is a lie. The worst part is that it’s not our little secret. Everybody knows she’s lying. Despite holding the most powerful office anywhere, these bastards think of themselves as underdogs, and portray themselves as victims. The man continues to oppress. They have goals. Your questions are disrespectful.

    As outrageously arrogant and duplicitous as they get, we’re not yet at the point where the assembled press just laughs in her face, mocks her openly when she dish’s this slop. Like Mrs. Tsarnaev, who was last known to be working out of a hive on the west coast, the widow Mateen is at one of the caliphs safe houses here or abroad.

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