The “Social Justice Movement” Claims Another Victim

A teenage girl in the UK has killed herself, apparently because of fears that she would be branded ‘racist’ or ‘Islamophobic’ after sending a joke photograph as an Instagram message.

Never forget that Hillary Clinton is closely aligned with the ‘politically correct’ instigators and leaders of the kind of attack mobs..on-line and off-line…that this girl apparently feared.

And given the current state of things in the UK, her fear was probably not irrational, though her action certainly was.   See this:  police are investigating social media critics of planned refugee center.

“Although you may believe your message is acceptable, other people may take offence, and you could face a large fine up to two years in prison if your message is deemed to have broken the law” said an assistant chief constable.

And in Manchester, a Police Chief Inspector for Greater Manchester, himself a Muslim, indicated that, according to his understanding, “freedom of speech does not mean freedom of offending culture, religion or tradition”.

If you want people in the US to fear police visits as a result of ‘politically incorrect’ online communications or comments to friends, then you should do everything you can to help Hillary Clinton win the Presidency.

19 thoughts on “The “Social Justice Movement” Claims Another Victim”

  1. The English (as opposed to the “British”) are going to regret the absence of an amendment like our First.

    I have friends in England and they are self segregating into southeast England.

    We spent a long weekend with them, before we all went to Waterloo, and Brussels where we missed the terrorist attack.

    They are very pleased that their city is all “English” with minimum immigrants. We had a nice discussion during a dinner party. They and their friends are withdrawing much as many Americans (like us) are moving to safer places.

    We spent a few days in London but I have little desire to spend more time there although we had a tradition of going for a week in winter to see shows. I also have reservations about Paris, although I love it and we once had plans to retire to the south of France.

    Tomorrow, we leave for 10 days in Alaska and I tried to convince our friends to join us. They are going on a Greek Island cruise next week.

    We took them on a tour of California about five years ago and showed them Yosemite and the Wine Country, including Jack London’s house where he wrote many of his books. They had not known of him before.

  2. Mike K….even given the First Amendment, even given an honest Supreme Court, a great deal of harm can be done to free speech through the instigation of mob attacks…on-line and physical….and the regulatory apparatus.

  3. Today’s SJW cretins are vile and loathsome modern-day Cultural Revolution wannabes, but I think it’s pretty questionable to pin blame on someone’s suicide on any one thing in particular. Generally suicides have lots and lots of problems. Some obvious, some not. (There’s nothing more horrible than a suicide where literally no one saw it coming, and no one has an explanation.)

  4. Brian…true, there were likely other factors in the suicide. But the point is that things have reached such a fever pitch of hysteria that someone can credibly believe their life will be destroyed if they fall into the gunsights of the SJW mob.

    It is quite likely that this girl would have been investigated by the police for ‘hate speech’ and been widely denounced.

  5. The LA Times is running an interesting series about a “power couple” in Orange County who got angry at a school volunteer because she made a comment in good will about their 6 year old son being a little “slow” meaning he was a day dreamer. The mother, a lawyer and UC Boalt Hall grad, interpreted it as a comment on his intelligence and decided to get revenge. It is quite a tale, not exactly about the SJW type but these people are similar.

    My thought in reading this well done series is that these are the people running our country now.The “elites” who are arrogant and intolerant.

    I remember the story as it was near where I live but am interested to learn how it turned out.

  6. That LA Times series is like something by Tom Wolfe. Heck, if Tom Wolfe wrote it it’d be criticized for being way too over the top and fantastical.

  7. I agree with Brian. Unbelievable. Those highly educated idiots must have been living in some crazy pretendland to think they could just enact some cockamamie B-movie caper like that and get away with it. My opinion of Stanford and Berkley just went way, way down. Even the defense strategy of using her double jeopardy protection sounds like it came from an LA Law story arc.

    “The successful litigator who had blazed through Stanford in three years would present himself as an emasculated patsy. His wife had berated him, deceived him, bludgeoned him with guilt.”

    That makes sense since this guy did buy himself a plastic surgery-enhanced trophy wife then let her run around around on him, although he will need to turn in his “White-Collar Lawyer of the Year” award (I can barely believe that’s actually a thing) not to mention his man card. No wonder the cops threw every available resource at them. They’re an affront in various ways to men, women, children and all humanity.

    Please keep us updated with the final installment. The way this bizarre affair is going there must be a Perry Mason moment here somewhere.

  8. “Those highly educated idiots must have been living in some crazy pretendland to think they could just enact some cockamamie B-movie caper like that and get away with it.”

    That’s the other way in which they resemble the ruling class. All confidence and arrogance and can’t even do a small caper without getting caught. The wife, if you read the series, has written a novel about a “perfect crime.”

    They are clowns.

    They are not the only larcenous lawyers I know. The brother of a friend of mine had a great law practice in Newport Beach, was married to a gorgeous young woman whose parents were rich and had been a big man on campus at USC. He then proceeded to forge a second trust deed on a client’s house. His wife left him. He faked his own suicide (leaving his car parked by the ocean with his clothes inside), then reappeared and announced he was gay.

    There are some strange people among the would-be elites.

    I’m in SEATAC airport on my way to Alaska for a vacation. If a bear doesn’t get us, I’ll be back in 10 days.

  9. “But the weird thing was she never changed her facial expression. It was always the same weird smile.”

    This story is like Victorian Gothic novel. She’s not just bad, she’s mad.

  10. Mike, I don’t think these people are really typical of ‘elites’. I do think they got off way too easy, though; the penalties for attempting to frame somebody should be way greater than 87 days in jail (for him) and 60 days (for her).

  11. David, I am sure they would consider themselves elites. They went to good schools and consider themselves educated.

    The difference between educated and credentialed comes into play here.

    On the plane coming up here today, I read “Rocket Boys.” Those boys in a West Virginia coal mining town in 1958-60 were real elites who made themselves into local heroes by learning to build working rockets that flew to 30,000 feet altitude. They all went to college although most of them did so in the GI Bill. Homer Hickam went to college paid for by his mother who had been saving money and investing it all through her marriage to his father. They taught themselves calculus and differential equations to design rocket motors that worked.

    The Irvine lawyers are clowns who think they are smart.

    I don’t have a great opinion of lawyers, I should add, even though two of my children are lawyers.

  12. She’s not mad. She’s evil. And so is he. Two of our finest colleges and law schools chose to put their mark of approval on them. And no professor ever knew them well enough to see what was in their souls. Kids still need time sitting on a log with Mark Hopkins.

  13. It’s cleansing for the spirit to be here, 92 miles into Denali Park. We had a 12 hour bus ride yesterday but finally got here. We started in Anchorage at 7 AM and got to the lodge about 7:45 PM. Some of the slow trip was all the wildlife we saw in the park. We saw about 5 grizzly bears, a half dozen caribou and several moose. Things have gotten much busier since the last time I was here in 1994. My cellphone doesn’t work here. They do have wifi and that is it. No TV. No cellphones.

    It was 28 degrees yesterday morning here but this morning it was up to 34. Now, the sun is up and it has warmed up to 60 in the sun. We took a walk after breakfast and saw fresh moose tracks just across the creek from the cabins.I don’t want to meet one in person, thank you. There are bears around here but I have seen no tracks. Most of the people in this very remote lodge are already out on lengthy hikes and other worthy ventures. Not me, thank you.

    I’ll do a post with photos when we get back.

    There is gold panning here and these lodges are all on old gold claims that predated the park service. However, the water is about 38 degrees and I am not that enthusiastic.

  14. Mike, a climate isn’t healthy if you don’t have part of the year where you wake up with ice on the inside of the windows.

  15. There’s a snow shovel in the garage that somehow made the trip down ten years ago. It’s covered with dust, one of these days I’ve got to clean that thing off.

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