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There have been any number of important stories covered by the nationally-based establishment media in the last decade or so – in the deathless phrase tweeted by Iowahawk, David Burge, “with a pillow, until they stop moving.” Through the internet and alternate media, a good many of those stories that would have stopped moving through judicious use of the media pillow in previous decades – have still managed to percolate from those alternate media sites into the national mass media conversation. Things like the Dan Rather/TANG faked memo, the Swift Boat Veterans going after John Kerry as the duty-shirking Eddie Haskell of the Swift Boat service and dozens of other incidents fought off the smothering pillow, the Chick-Fil-A boycott, and yes – eventually got discovered in the major media outlets. With considerable reluctance, one might add. The matter of black on white violent crime may be on the edge of being discovered by the mainstream media, much as the Hollywood producer in the Godfather movie discovered the head of a dead horse in his bed.

There are these issues, you see – about which the major national media outlets appear to have a strange, almost Victorian compact; a determination NOT to see them, even when ordinary citizens know about. Not only know about, but are deeply concerned – and have strong opinions. (I mentioned one of these issues some months ago – here.) The matter of illegal immigrants in the US is one of those radioactive issues that the media, the political and intellectual leadership in this country do not wish to touch. They wish for various reasons, including the fact that there are certain monetary and social benefits to tolerating an influx of illegal immigrants, that the issue be disappeared, bundled out of sight and off the front pages. But the issue adamantly refuses to stay disappeared – precisely because there are so many stories like this one; the horrific bus accident in Louisiana on IH-10 this last week, where it appeared that the driver of the bus was not only an illegal alien, but unlicensed as well.

It’s a regularly occurring thing, all across the West and southwest; automobile accidents involving uninsured and unlicensed drivers, often illegal residents. Sometimes alcohol is involved as well. Precise statistics are hard to find – especially since partisans on one side don’t wish to find them, and those on the other side may be prone to exaggerate for effect. But with so many ordinary Americans having had an on-the-road accident experience where the other party was unlicensed, fraudulently unlicensed, uninsured, illegal or any combination of the above … there must be a substantial number of them – together with their families, friends, co-workers and neighbors affected to a lesser degree. Then there are the million working Americans whose social security numbers have been stolen by illegals – a matter over which the IRS feels no particular urgency. A large part of Donald Trump’s popularity across flyover America is precisely because he does address issues like this. Perhaps this will break the major media’s reluctance to acknowledge such matters.
Or not. Your thoughts?

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  1. Every licensed driver in California knows that you HAVE to have uninsured motorist coverage on your auto policy or you are just asking for trouble.

  2. Having operated on many illegals, usually in the middle of the night, I am well acquainted with their affection for intoxicating spirits.

    I do have to admit that they are less enamored of guns. We used to say at the county hospital that they were afraid of guns and usually stayed with knives to do their business.

    The other large minority group prefers guns. And drugs.

    Read Victor Hansen’s account of the mayhem on rural California roads about their driving skills.

  3. A couple years ago it was considered utterly beyond the pale to ask how it was that certain diseases previously largely only found in Central America were turning up all across the country. And you think that the media is going to look into the statistics of car accidents (which as has been already noted they’ve ignored for much longer than the disease question)? Not a chance.

  4. It’s one of those things, you know? In the local news all the time, here in South Texas – horrific multi-casualty crack-up, or maybe just a fender-bender. Drunk driving – especially if it has been late at night. Hispanic surname … and then, nothing. No dot-connecting. But it’s a thing that everyone knows. Especially if they have been involved in one of those accidents and been left with their own insurance company holding the bill.

    And the bit about SSAN’s being stolen, and no one at the IRS seems to give a particular damn. And it’s again – one of those things that everyone knows, but the establishment press and their owners just don’t want to look at. Maybe if there were some totally impartial statistics to consult, there’s nothing out of line. But as long as all those personal experiences are poo-poohed as “oh, you nasty bigot!” and the major establishment news organs refuse absolutely to look at them … what can one use to formulate an opinion, if all they have is their own experience and those of their nearest to base it on?

    The same with black on white violence. Yes, the major news organs can ignore the many, many, many instances, and call those who notice and complain about them totally unreconstructed bigots. But doesn’t change the experience. Doesn’t change the danger of all that stuff that John Derbyshire wrote about in “The Talk.”

  5. I notice that the media will fixate on what legal employers do, IE, Wal Mart and McDonalds pay badly and don’t provide xyz benefits.

    But you never see the Media focus on what the employers of illegals do, IE pay below the minimum wage and not provide workers’ compensation coverage.

    The exception that proves the rule is the NYT’s article recently about the nail salon industry in NYC. Where they show that many are making less than minimum wage, and how some are scarring their lungs taking off old polish.

    It seems that the employers and vendors of middle America are the focus for criticisms, but the vendors to the Acela elite the Nail Salons, Baby Nannies, non chain restaurants etc. are off limits, despite being far worse.

    If you are on the coasts and have an middle to upper class income, you are most likely swimming in a sea of illegal laborers that would jump at the chance to work at McDolands or Walmart for the increased wages and benefits offered compared to their current employment.

    Note, I am guilty of this, if not for illegals, I would most likely pay a few hundred dollars more per month for my housekeeping and landscaping.

  6. ” But the issue adamantly refuses to stay disappeared – precisely because there are so many stories like this one; the horrific bus accident in Louisiana on IH-10 this last week, where it appeared that the driver of the bus was not only an illegal alien, but unlicensed as well.”

    We saw something like that in Illinois that eventually landed former Gov George Ryan in jail (one of many recent Illinois governors to do time). When he was Secretary of State he was selling drivers licenses and pocketing the money. He made millions. He probably wasn’t the first to come up with this scheme. For years, everyone knew how and where to get fake licenses, but he elevated it into a huge enterprise and expanded it to the trucking companies who would pay off the license facilities in order to get their illegal aliens certified. It all came crashing down when a Mexican trucker who couldn’t speak or read English caused a crash that killed several children.

  7. often illegal residents. Sometimes alcohol is involved as well.

    What’s about Diplomats?

    Twin sons of Portugal’s Iraqi ambassador arrested as 15-year-old fights for life in coma??’s-iraqi-ambassador-arrested-as-15-year-old-fights-for-life-in-coma

    He is one of the elites brought by US democracy to Iraq…… the freedom and democratic Iraq flourishing in the region but with Iran proxy gangs under US sites and eyes….

  8. Soso – crimes committed by people ostensibly covered by diplomatic immunity is another raw-festering sore. Parking tickets and moving infractions by UN personnel and diplomatic hangers on have been a source of resentment in New York for decades.

  9. Yes Sgt. Mom
    diplomatic immunity: It’s well known fact and rules for centuries by people who deserve it ands value & respecting their immunity not abusing it.

    But when diplomatic immunity abused or given to someone who don’t deserve it or one involve in such low level of injustices in his country or promoted criminals, this should be consider different;y.

  10. The un/under insured driver is as much a reflection of poverty as anything else. I’ve lived and worked in the Philly area for decades and the city has always been insanely expensive to insure your car in because of the likelihood that any accident you get in will involve an uninsured driver. Just crossing the city line cuts your rates by 60-70%. This was true in the 80s and that had nothing to do with immigrants, legal or otherwise.

    There were a number of other interesting consequences of this – for one, a lot of city drivers kept their plates in the back window of the car, because people would cut the corners off of them to steal the registration stickers (which you couldn’t get without proof of insurance).

    For someone driving a beater a few thousand miles a year, insurance (particularly once widespread lack of insurance starts to jack up rates) can be over half the annual cost of owning a car. If you can barely afford the gas, insurance is going to be the first thing that gets dropped.

  11. This is also true of Los Angeles but illegals have a lot to do with it.

    When my daughter was living in west LA, she had her car registered in Orange County. I owned the car and got tired of her parking tickets that were sent to me. I gave her the car and now she had to register it in LA County. Her insurance more than doubled.

    Even back in the 80s when my two older kids were at USC, they got a talk by the dorm managers about auto theft. They were told, “Auto theft in California is the highest in the nation. Auto theft in Los Angeles is the highest in California and auto theft in the USC parking strictures is the highest in Los Angeles.” My son’s old VW bug was broken into to steal the radio. The idiot thieves did not realize the radio was installed through the hood and wrecked the dashboard trying to get it out from inside the car.

    This is also true of Tucson, for similar reasons. When my youngest was going to U of A in Tucson, I registered her car there because California plates are magnets for Arizona cops.

    Her insurance went up so much I changed carriers. The big problem in Tucson, I am told, is theft. A guy I knew had Lo-Jack in his car. It was stolen one night and he went to report it and the cops turned on the Lo-Jack. The car was already 50 miles into Mexico.

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