7 thoughts on “Outrageous But Not Surprising”

  1. I have to say, I’m not particularly outraged. He’s talking to a friendly interviewer. They both know illegals vote in large numbers. She’s worried about repercussions from that. He assures her she shouldn’t be. They’re both being open and honest.

    What I am outraged about is that when he’s talking to a different interviewer, for a different audience, he would vehemently swear all day long that no way do any illegals vote, no sir, because there is exactly zero voter fraud going on, no how. And we’re all supposed to believe such brazen lies. That’s what outrages me.

    If we’re honest that voter fraud occurs, we can then take steps to eliminate it. If we pretend it doesn’t we can’t. It’s the pure contempt for the truth that has to be resolved.

  2. This is the kind of thing that doesn’t make me optimistic about Tuesday; I wish Wallace wouldn’t keep leaning on Pence & Trump to “accept” the election before the election – we wouldn’t have Franken as senator, etc. etc. if that was a universal reaction. And the numerous recounts in Florida were reassuring as they consistently supported Bush’s presidency – one not “accepted” until well into his first year (or ever) by the left. And this is the kind of thing that makes me much more confident that my vote for Trump will be the right one – despite the fact that I don’t know how much of him I can listen to for the next four years. And much less sure, of course, that it will count.

  3. If it is a close election, and Clinton wins by legal or other means, it means that to a significant portion of the population that her rule will be illegitimate. And to a significant portion of the population, rule by an illegitimate government is in and of itself unconscionable and will be resisted by all means.

    The Venn diagram of those groups has significant overlap.

    Between that overlap, and the contempt Hillary and the Left have for the Constitution, the Rule of Law, and the lives of their subjects; times are going to Interesting in the sense understood by my ethnic ancestors.

    It will be what it will be. We can no longer influence the overall course of events once the ballots are counted, or “counted” Tuesday night. Where it goes from there, however, is in our hands to be determined then.

  4. FWIW, Snopes rates this as false, I guess because he didn’t say “Hey illegals, go vote!”, but it’s pretty clear that the interviewer expects them to vote.

  5. Barry dismisses the entire notion of illegal aliens. They are undocumented which is a minor technicality to him. After all he magically made a good number of them legal by executive order. He is a citizen of the world and so are they as far as he is concerned. From that prospective, one can vote wherever one wishes. Voting is sacred. Integrity of the election in accordance with the Constitution, not so much. In the absence of being able to unilaterally make universal voting legal, he signaled clearly that it was perfectly moral to vote as an undocumented alien if you could get on the rolls and he intended to take no action to the contrary. There is no right or wrong in tactics, it is the result that matters.

    Notice that the chief executive of this nation was perfectly comfortable sitting with and dialoguing with a self-admitting illegal alien and took no action to report her, detain her or even admonish her. In his mind, could he be thinking that this was perfectly consistent with his general lack of enforcement of various laws and parts of the Constitution? I have little doubt he was more than happy with the situation. To him, laws and the Constitution are weapons to use as they fit your efforts to destroy them as originally conceived. When they are not useful in that pursuit, one just ignores them safe in the knowledge that you are “the first black president” and therefore untouchable and able to pardon who you will.

    I believe that he knew that the question was going to be asked and he had his word perfect answer prepared. Does he have plausible deniability? Not with any fair minded listener, but before the jury of his elite peers, no doubt.


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