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  • Christmas Spirit

    Posted by Dan from Madison on December 15th, 2016 (All posts by )

    Jameson has it.


    5 Responses to “Christmas Spirit”

    1. Carl from Chicago Says:

      Happy holidays!!

    2. Gringo Says:

      The dogs I know absolutely refuse to wear any coverings. They go on a sitdown strike if you try to make them wear something like Jameson.

    3. Dan from Madison Says:

      He is surprisingly good with the coats. When it gets around zero we usually suit him up. He is outside a lot when we are out feeding/tending animals. Being outside also helps his natural coat to grow in thicker/tighter. But zero is zero and it is brutal for everything but our Scottish Highland cattle, who really don’t care about cold weather at all.

    4. Sgt. Mom Says:

      Generally I think big dogs are a bit embarrassed by being put into clothing, but little dogs love it, for the attention they get from it. Spike, the late shih tzu loved the attention from wearing something, no matter how ludicrous. Calla, the late boxer-pit mix, was profoundly humiliated by halloween costumes, especially.

    5. Mike K Says:

      My basset hound, Winston, used to like the snow at Lake Arrowhead. Bassets are short haired and I see basset owners with all sorts of sweaters for their dogs.