ChicagoBoyz Physical Fitness Series, Continued…

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Jonathan and I have been working hard to try to keep up with Zenpundit and his weightlifting skills. I am pround to announce that I finally cracked the half ton mark on my squat, and here is footage of the proud modafinil200mg moment – a 1,220 pound squat:

In all seriousness, can somebody tell me how you train for something like this? Do reps of 600 pounds? 700? Sheesh.

7 thoughts on “ChicagoBoyz Physical Fitness Series, Continued…”

  1. An awesome video clip.

    While the 1000 lb barrier was broken twenty years ago ( by Dr. Fred Hatfield, who tipped the scales at a modest 242 lbs, still the lightest guy to squat over half a ton) it remains a very rare lift. I think the world record is around 1100 lbs but the weights are reaching the upper limit of what the human frame can manage.

    My personal best was 600 for a double and the most I’ve seen someone do in the gym was around 800. Today, I doubt I’d go much above 400 lbs in the squat or less than 5 repetitions, having no desire for further surgeries.

  2. The following link explains the difference between different types of weight lifting.

    No, he didn’t gain that kind of strength by doing sets of 700 lbs. That would not increase his strength beyond being able to lift just above 700 lbs. He gained that strength by doing 1 or 2 reps of his max 2 times a week for years. If the most you can lift is 800 lbs, you won’t really get any stronger by lifting 700 lbs, even if you do so many times. Your muscles might get bigger, but that doesn’t mean they will get any stronger.

    Most powerlifters use a pyramid.

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