Don’t Mean Nothin’

(That’s a phrase from the Vietnam War era military, BTW.)

Another day, another mass-killing, inspired by fundamentalist Islam, and perpetuated by a killer prepared to explode himself with a bomb packed with ball-bearings, or nails, chunks of scrap metal, whatever … as long as he or she takes a bunch of infidels with him, thereby to enjoy eternity in the endless whorehouse that is the Islamic version of paradise. Another Bataclan, another Pulse nightclub, another Fort Hood, another San Bernardino, another Boston Marathon. Sometimes the program is varied with guns and plenty of ammunition. But mostly – bombs, calculated to splatter as much human flesh as far as possible. And there is another round of faces of the dead, the bloodied limbs of the injured, splashed over the internet and newspaper pages. Another round of flowers and candles and teddy bears piled up in impromptu memorials, another moment of silence, of services where members of the prominent ruling class assume somber expressions, the inevitable hash-tag and Book of Face filter (where one expresses sympathy and solidarity on the cheap on one’s page). And the inevitable footnote – where an assortment of media personalities and a selection of plummy-voiced representatives express pious dismay regarding the inevitable anti-Muslim backlash and claim that Islam is a religion of peace. (At this point, I suspect said representatives have their fingers crossed behind their backs, such is the degree of cynicism to which I have sunk since September 11, 2001.)

Yes, indeed – this is how it will play out. Representatives of the ruling class and the security organs will pull on their solemn faces, promise and swear onna stack of Bibles that they are continuing to do their very bestest … and tomorrow, or the day after, or six months from now, it will happen again. Lather, rinse, repeat.

At this point, I think that I might be forgiven for wondering exactly how seriously the transnational-prog ruling class, and their aspirant minions who compete to serve them in the media, the intellectual hustings and the ranking bureaucracy are taking this and other tragic events. Because, with not many exceptions, those who catch the full force of Islamic terrorism in the neck (and legs, mid-section, head and other essential locations) are not them and theirs. No, indeed. Judging on results – continuing Islamic terror attacks in France, Britain, the US – not terribly seriously at all. It’s an ongoing thing – as a former president of the US commented airily – the US can absorb such attacks. The present mayor of London weighed in as well. To this observer – it seems that all this is just peachy and totes reasonable, as long as such attacks only fall on those insignificant little people. Cynical me – this is what I took away from those statements. Ordinary Americans, ordinary Britons; you know – those prole soldiers, a single soldier walking down the street by his urban barracks, Florida nightclub goers. Kids going to a concert, workers riding a city bus. Local municipal employees. Little people. Disposable and absorbable. No one who counts … save perhaps when they are called on to vote, now and again. And when their votes count, of course.

A rationale for not very much done about the challenge of Islamic terror came to me this week; there is not much done about such attacks, however many times that they happen … because the trans-prog ruling class hate the class of citizens upon whom the brunt of these attacks land. Because … they’re just proles. Aspiring working and middle-class, of that independent-minded getting, because of their middle-classness and spirit of bloody-minded independence – are not inclined to meekly accept the dictates of the ruling class. Better to replace them with a set of people more easily-governed. And so – the trans-prog ruling class prefers to flirt and favor those exotic and vaguely dangerous ‘others’, because they can adorn themselves with the jewels of diversity, congratulate themselves on their open-mindedness and all, while revenging themselves on those stupid unbiddable, stiff-necked middle-class and flyover country kulaks (and the European/British version thereof), who won’t just obey as they have been commanded to do by their betters.


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  1. Morrissey said most of the first half of your point quite well earlier today…

    As for the conclusion, I believe that the intellectual Marxists who took over the West post-WWII took the implications of “false consciousness” and other silly notions that only those with advanced degrees can buy into to an extreme conclusion, and decided that the native masses would not accept where they wanted to go, and so had to be replaced. (One supposes that this was at least preferable to the Eastern commie conclusion that they had to be killed.)

  2. Things have changed over the past 75 years have they not. Consider what we did when the threat of internal sabotage during WW II was real, but not as frequent or destructive as the current threat.

    I’m not advocating internment camps, but for crying out loud could we at least have enough courage and integrity to identify the source of our problem(s) and try some solutions that logically might work?

    The damage done to our moral and philosophical character by the marxist progressive paradigm injected into our ruling and professional classes has made us largely unable to exercise rational self-preservation. Those who at least recognize there is a real issue are the one’s who somehow avoided the indoctrination from our educational system.

    Being at war internally over the issue of cultural and national survival has no happy ending. Especially when the power brokers are on the surrender, appeasement side.


  3. Well, if anything that the election of Trump has proved – is that the establishment ruling class hates our guts. They’ll put on pious faces … or they would have, six months ago, mouth a few insincere platitudes, and among their friends, be positively giddy with glee. Another dozen or so of those dreadful, racist flyover-country deplorables dead or maimed. Good riddance, and better luck next time, eh?

  4. National Review is still saturated with the GOPe Trump hatred.

    The GOP Congress spent years telling us that all that prevented Nirvana was having GOP president who would not veto those wonderful bills they passed every year,

    Now they have one

  5. Yup. And I keep remembering that horrible fake Indian, Ward Churchill, and him characterizing the 911 victims in the WTC as “Little Eichmanns.” And Tub-o-Lard Mike Moore lamenting all those NY Dems killed by mistake. Having five thousand people killed in a terrorist attack on some office building in Red State Flyoverlandia would have been just jake with him, of course.

  6. The proglib left — which isn’t just a handful of rich liberals and campus radicals any more; it must be at least a quarter of our population — hates everything old and normal and proven more than it is afraid of the barbarians they are inviting in. They are willing to destroy the country in order to discomfit us.

  7. As I wrote:-

    From the Bataclan concert attacks, through the carnage of the Nice truck massacre to the killings on the Champs Elysees. The murderous attack on Charlie Hebdo magazine was followed by the Brussels bombing: and on, and on ad infinitum. What is the pusillanimous response from so-called Government all across Europe? It is an amalgam of messages of ‘support’. Of ‘we shall not be broken’, and ‘Love is the answer’. If ‘effing Love is the answer, what was the ‘effing question?

    I spotted a photo in the comments column of a pop singer’s facebook page, and I reckon it is so apt, as a true indication of what ordinary people think about the mechanical response of our political leaders (who are of course our well-armed and protected masters; but don’t ever even mention that particular fact). All the crap about ‘my thoughts and prayers to the families and the loved ones’ from snivelling religious and political leaders alike could be grouped and responded to by this one, simple photograph.

    What we want is revenge, what we want is for all these Saudi and Salafist effing imams to be slapped on a Saudi jet and sent packing. What we want is for the vaunted Security Services to do their jobs, and if some raghead even whispers the term ‘jihad’, or has ever done so in the past, he, along with all his bloody family should immediately be interned, out in the open, surrounded by lots of shiny barbed wire and anti-personnel mines: and allowed to rot! If they don’t like the way in which we choose to live, they can literally F*** Off any time they like.

    But what will we get? A token sighting of Her Majesty’s Infantry in various high-profile places, where even a muslim with limited intellect would never consider stumbling anywhere in the vicinity. Infantry soldiers who will, most likely, be warned that their weaponry magazines should be empty, but with bullets available in a sealed tupperware box if ever needed; an Infantry who will be handed, with due solemnity, a yellow card on which will be printed the actions which must be undertaken ON PAIN OF COURTS-MARTIAL, before loading, aiming and firing that same weaponry. That famous ‘yellow card’, and the rules contained therein, were the bane of the British Army’s existence in the cess-pits of the IRA-ridden areas of Belfast, and of course of the bog-trotters paradise, also known as Londonderry.

    No doubt, in, say, six months time, there will be a Coroner’s Inquest on the twenty-two martyrs who died at the hands of this MUSLIM fanatic, and I would lay a great deal of money on the words ‘Muslim’ along with ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ not even being mentioned! He will be deemed to have been ‘radicalised’ online, and his bomb-making expertise will have come, naturally, from the same sources. Manchester mosques? Heaven, or rather allah, forbid. The fools who inhabit these shadowy places will all have been cleared of the slightest taint of infamy, and the slow Islamisation of this once-Christian Nation will be another slow but inevitable step forwards.

    More, many more will die, or suffer grievous injury at the hands and shrapnel of these religious (I was going to write ‘maniacs’, but these is nothing maniacal about these murderous bastards) killers. It is just another step along the road to the state which the Mayor of London promised; Part and Parcel of life in a major city!

  8. …with bullets available in a sealed tupperware box if ever needed…

    Kinda like at Isandlwana, where the ammo was doled out by the spoonful? The Brits must really cherish their military traditions!

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