New! – Your Photo-Illustrated Urban Haiku Mini-Slam

zzz bus
New, free, city bus –
Late, slow, inconvenient route.
Got what I paid for.


In a restaurant,
Saw cockroach crawling on seat.
Ignorance was bliss.


Weekend night drivers:
Ten under limit, weaving.
Better to stay home.


Your Chinese toaster –
Inexpensive, doesn’t work.
That’s how things are now.


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6 thoughts on “New! – Your Photo-Illustrated Urban Haiku Mini-Slam”

  1. my favorite band
    one night only at the dive
    cab ride home’s dodgy

    murders, theft, and graft
    are all small prices to pay
    for world’s best hot dogs

    diversity rules
    only apply if you are
    the approved diverse

  2. We wanted to use a “free, city bus” in Auckland (NZ). We couldn’t: it was jam-packed with students who were using it for a trip that people their age would find an easy walk.

    Auckland; downtown bus
    Inaccessible because
    Lazy fung stewnce eh?

  3. Cold, and had to drive.
    Chicago traffic ordeal;
    This is getting old.

    Got to court on time.
    Good. This judge is a stickler.
    Lawyers, lawyer stuff …

    Need food and coffee.
    Need to push the discovery
    Out the door today.

    Do it yesterday!
    Right. The most demanding ones
    Are always late pays.

  4. Roads and bridges bad
    Money spent on new light rail.
    New light rail? See next.

    New train gates don’t work
    1890’s tech not used
    New tech not ready.

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