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  • New! – Your 2018 Poorer-But-Wiser Haiku Blowout

    Posted by Jonathan on February 16th, 2018 (All posts by )

    Minor hurricanes:
    Always worse than expected
    With much long-term harm.


    She cares not a whit
    About your gearhead hobbies,
    But your words – watch out.


    Earnings out today.
    They killed volatility.
    Those calls you bought? Ha.


    Your lawn guy vanished.
    Perhaps he was deported?
    That’s the way to bet.


    South Beach Halloween
    Gives the girl-next-door license
    To go out bare-assed.


    Your new dishwasher
    Takes three hours to do a load
    But saves water, yay.


    Bought something online?
    Welcome to our email list!
    (Try getting off it.)

    sector rotation
    “Sector rotation” –
    Just another euphemism
    For losing money.


    App not responding –
    That damned spinning-wheel icon.
    Five-nines days, these ain’t.



    3 Responses to “New! – Your 2018 Poorer-But-Wiser Haiku Blowout”

    1. Grurray Says:

      The scariest words
      Used to be ‘Government help’
      Now they’re ‘Budget Deal’

      Guns and butter deals
      Bad for T-bills but at least
      I had no bitcoins

      We did have tax cuts
      But SALT elimination
      Made it all a wash

      Market ups and downs
      Scrambling around to make sure
      My ass is covered

    2. Lexington Green Says:

      Jordan Peterson’s
      YouTube Biblical series:
      Outstanding. Watch it.

    3. Sam L. Says:

      South Beach Halloween Girl:
      Her name is NOT Em.