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  • Posted by Jonathan on May 18th, 2008 (All posts by )


    10 Responses to “”

    1. Lexington Green Says:

      Something about the Olympics … and the breakfast of champions … and whose turn is it to do the dishes, anyway … ?

    2. Smitten Eagle Says:

      Wife must be out of town.

      Mine is at the moment and my sink looks exactly the same.

    3. Dan from Madison Says:

      Three spoons, five bowls – either prep bowls or you are a reuser.

    4. Carl from Chicago Says:

      A title?

    5. Dan from Madison Says:

      I think we should title it “Beijing”, of course. Or perhaps “Bowljing”.

    6. Tatyana Says:

      Look too small for cereal bowls to me, and those are teaspoons,not table. A peach sorbet breakfast? With 2 seconds?

      Yeah…dream on sister.

    7. Dan from Madison Says:

      The one on the bottom right I think has remnants of Jonathan’s favorite breakfast, Cap’n Crunch.

    8. Eric Scheie Says:

      Four bowls, three spoons? Someone forgot to count the silverware before the guests left!

    9. Jonathan Says:

      I have a confession to make. I cannot lie to you people. The truth is, this photograph is fake. No, it wasn’t staged. It’s worse than that. You see, I photoshopped it from a picture of Ralf’s dog.

      I take full responsibility for this outrage.

    10. Dan from Madison Says:

      Jonathan, violating the trust is the worst thing you can do in blogging. Ralf’s dog should be ashamed of this travesty.