Swipe Left if You Support (that other political party)

Four years ago, I posted But Would You Want Your Daughter to Marry One?, which showed a sharp increase in the % of parents who would be displeased if their son or daughter were to marry a supporter of the opposing party.  I was reminded of this post by the launch of a dating app called Donald Daters, intended for single supporters of President Trump.  It seems to fill a need: one early user remarked that he would meet women on other dating apps, but often on the first date, politics would come up.  “Literally didn’t matter if I had cured cancer for the whole world or if I was the best-looking man on the planet, these ladies turned into hardcore Trump-hating people and needless to say, we didn’t see each other again because it was a dealbreaker for them.”

Another user says just a few years ago, he didn’t find that people cared so much about political opinions. “It just shocks me that people aren’t willing to listen to each other anymore,” he said. “So might as well just look for someone with the same set of ethics, morals and common sense.”  (He says he would absolutely be open to dating someone who wasn’t a Trump fan.)

(If you’re interested in using this app yourself, you might want to wait a while–from the article, it sounds like there may be some early security issues with the product.)

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  1. these ladies turned into hardcore Trump-hating people and needless to say, we didn’t see each other again because it was a dealbreaker for them.”

    Maybe its a young single woman thing but I just don’t meet many Trump hating women. Our real estate lady when we bought our Tucson house is a divorcee, ex-wife of a doctor. She is a painter and has feminist art all around her house. We have gotten to be quite good friends with her.

    She loves Trump and she fits the profile of a Trump hater.

    Three of my five kids are Democrats. My FBI agent daughter, who leans pretty left according to her brother (I avoid politics with kids) told me in September 2016 that she would NOT vote for Hillary. She is single and 51. Another profile for a Trump hater, but not enough to vote for Hillary.

    My middle daughter was a Bernie voter and I have not asked her about politics.

    It’s an interesting phenomenon and the heat may ebb after the election. The Senate, I think will have a bigger GOP majority next year and I expect the House to be very close unless we are seeing another 1994.

    I’m reading Tucker Carlson’s book and it is pretty good. He was not a Trump fan but he makes the case for “The Flight 93 Election” pretty well.

  2. I assume that this is just a way to gather information on Trump supporters, to doxx them, and otherwise threatening to terminate them.

  3. It depends on where you live and who you hang out with. In my purple metro area I find that single middle-class women tend to hate Trump and hated Palin. Or it may be that women are loathe to publicly oppose an apparent opinion consensus. Men may be a bit more willing to flout convention. In my circles it seems that people who don’t think Trump is terrible hold their tongues. Perhaps the converse is true in right-leaning parts of the country, but I doubt it.

  4. It only seems those on the left – and assuredly not all of them – my mother has been friends for years with some people decidedly on the left – but some in the left are going crazy. And as to why it is a mystery to me.

    As a parallel how many on the right went crazy over Obama?

  5. As a parallel how many on the right went crazy over Obama?

    Not even close, I’d say by a factor of a 1000 or better more lefties went nuts over Trump than righties over 0bama.

  6. Just yesterday, I was at PT and one of the TVs was set to Fox and DonalDaters was on. Sound was not. Didn’t have my glasses on so couldn’t read the text. Had never heard of this.

  7. From a marketing standpoint, I’m not sure that “Donald Daters” is a good sustainable name. There are a lot of people who are definitely outside the box of conventional “Progressive” opinion, but still do not identify closely with Trump–some of them voted for him given the available alternative(s), but still don’t identify as “Trump people.”

    So, while the current name is surely useful in terms of getting PR for the initial launch, they would do well to consider changing it to something a little less person-specific at some point down the road.

  8. >the heat may ebb after the election

    As with much else, Mike, you are whistling Dixie. We now state candidates getting coldcocked in public restaurants — and the Democrats blithely grin and look the other way:


    The progLeft can no more put the brakes on their behavior than Hitler could when he was halfway through Belgium. They are committed. The level of threats and dehumanization and violence can only go one way. Hillary Herself said so the other day.

  9. As with much else, Mike, you are whistling Dixie.

    I don’t know what that means. Does it means that most of what I post is not true?

    If the Democrats get spanked in the election, which I think is a possibility, the adults, and there are a few left, will pull back on the reins,

    If it is close but the GOP holds the majority, the crazies might back off a bit.

    Both possibilities are less than probabilities.

    The feminist craziness is probably at a peak if even Conor Friedersdorf is flaming a SJW book review.

    Cheap shots like that serve no purpose other than to prejudice readers, and bear not at all on the quality of the book’s ideas. (And not that it matters, but famous professors in the struggling academy are, contra the inapt analogy to better-off people in poor places, a demographic that surely voted overwhelmingly against Trump.)

    Vilification and guilt by association are not the only Idioms of Non-Argument. Misrepresentation is another.

    I do not consider Friedersdorf any sort of conservative. It is interesting that this stuff is peaking before the election.

    Of course if the Democrats take Congress all bets are off. But I have plenty of ammo.

  10. The contemporary Democrat party looks to California and academia as the model for how they will dominate. Recall their next governor’s infamous “whether they like it or not” quip that helped Prop 8 across the finish line. Dissent will not be tolerated.

    This is much different than the old model, which is still intact in NY, NJ, IL, etc of corrupt urban machines, where various factions are bought off.

    The next few years are going to get very, very ugly.

  11. Recall their next governor’s infamous “whether they like it or not” quip that helped Prop 8 across the finish line.

    Well, the gay judge who ruled it unconstitutional and then married his lover had something to do with it but, of course Moonbeam was AG and declined to appeal.

  12. It is so sad to see this violence happening and not enough people saying anything about it. The media definitely seems to be mainstreaming the violence. I think the majority of women Trump haters are young women. All the young women I know hate Trump. Mike K I have Tucker’s book also and think it’s great!

  13. All the young women I know hate Trump. Mike K I have Tucker’s book also and think it’s great!

    My tree daughters are divided into a conservative, an FBI agent who told me she would not vote for Hillary in September 2016 and a Bernie voter.

    Tucker’s book is pointing out a few things I hadn’t thought of or didn’t know.

  14. There’s an interesting and perhaps-relevant passage in Ayn Rand’s novel ‘We the Living.’ Kira, the heroine, is a very strong anti-Communist, yet she is good friends with Andrei, a committed Communist. On one occasion, Andrei tells Kira that he trusts her and believe that she is a friend…but can’t explain their connection to himself. She replies:

    “It’s because…you see, if we had souls, which we haven’t, and if our souls met–yours and mine–they’d fight to the death. But after they had torn each other to pieces, to the very bottom, they’d see that they had the same root.”

    It is a point worth thinking about. It is true that similar character traits in two individuals can evolve into very different political conclusions depending on their life experiences. St-Exupery, who traveled widely in Spain during the Spanish Civil War, said:

    “Let us, then, refrain from astonishment at what men do. One man finds that his essential manhood comes alive at the sight of self-sacrifice, cooperative effort, a rigorous vision of justice, manifested in an anarchist’s cellar in Barcelona. For that man there will henceforth be but one truth — the truth of the anarchists. Another, having once mounted guard over a flock of terrified little nuns kneeling in a Spanish nunnery, will thereafter know a different truth — that it is sweet to die for the Church.”

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