Jesse Jackson Used the N-Word

A little double-standard action from the Reverand.

What a dolt.

One guy left a comment, which I deleted, on my post about Jackson, saying it was sad to see all this fear and hate.

That is funny.

The only fear and hate I am seeing is from a political has-been, Jackson, who has contempt for the people of his own color whom he has pretended to represent all these years, as some kind of unelected permanent spokesman, like some Sub-Saharan President-for-Life.

Jackson is the guy who said he wants to cut Barack’s nuts off, when he was being honest, when he thought no one was listening.

That could be hate, I guess.

I just want Barack to lose the election. I don’t wish him ill, or wish him harm, I merely wish him political defeat. I am probably not going to get my wish.

Jackson is full of fear and hate for Obama for a reason. He is watching his whole ongoing scam go down the drain since someone who has actually won some elections, who has some cross-racial appeal, is now the Leading Black Person in America. And it is about damn time, too. Could that be a reason for Jackson’s hate and fear? Ya think?

I still say “Black” and I mean no disrespect. When I was really little, I can still remember the use of the word Negro, as a respectful improvement on what had come before it. Then at some point, it became “Black”, and we were all taught in elementary school that we were supposed to say “Black”, and that was just fine with me. Then at some point we replaced a clear, simple, one-syllable word with six ambiguous syllables, African American. I get a yuck out of TV announcers trying to find a way to talk about actual Africans, for example.

Just like Teddy Roosevelt, John McCain’s hero, I don’t like hyphens.

And I don’t think of my Black colleagues, classmates, friends and neighbors as … what Jackson calls them.

I think of them as Americans.

2 thoughts on “Jesse Jackson Used the N-Word”

  1. Seven syllables, actually. But you’re right. And is this what it takes for an old icon to pass into has-been-ness? The naked truth, unvarnishable, unspinnable, laid out in a way which cannot be mistaken, as it should have been 20 years earlier? I’m really glad I’ve tuned out the whole political theatre lately. Next, will it become evident that the so-called intolerance for racial difference, has all along been intolerance for idiocy? A man can dream.

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