Georgia tries to regain South-Ossetia, risks war with Russia

Earlier today, Georgia attacked South-Ossetia in order to regain this separatist province. This will probably lead to war between Russia and Georgia, and Georgia is already claiming that Russian jets have bombed Georgian targets. Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin has vowed to retaliate against Georgia, for some Russian soldiers have allegedly been killed, and besides, most South-Ossetians have Russian citizenship.

The independence of South-Ossetia from Georgia is not internationally recognized, and neither are the referenda in which the overwhelming majority of South-Ossetians voted for said independence. Btw, North-Ossetia is a part of Russia.

We’ll have to see how this develops, but this might become very bad, if very recent history is anything to go by. Another separatist Georgian province is Abkhasia. In 1993, the Abkhasians won their own war against Georgia with some outside help. The non-Abkhasian population fled or was ethnically cleansed. Up to 10,000 people died, and up to 300,000 were forced into exile. There also is no telling how far Putin might go; the Second Chechen War also has been very bloody.

Meanwhile, some historical background (and very convoluted background at that):

The history of Georgia

The history of South-Ossetia

Also, don’t miss the Georgian Affair from 1922, it shows just how complicated things are in the Caucasus region, and no, nobody there thinks that there should be some kind of statute of limitations on revenge, claims to independence or respectively the reconstitution of former statehood as it had been in centuries past.

Update: Russian troops have entered South-Ossetia, two Russian jets have reportedly been shot down.

Update II: Now Abkhasia (or Abkhazia) is threatening to open a second front against Georgia
Their foreign minister points out that Abkhasia was forcibly integrated into the Georgian Soviet Republic when Stalin, a Georgian, led the Soviet Union.

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  1. I’m staring at the label “South Ossetia” that is displaying in the MSN maps.. go to and scroll your way over to Georgia, you’ll see it.

    It’s in the north-central region

  2. I can’t find “South-Ossetia” on the map anywhere near Georgia. Are you sure you didn’t mean South Carolina?

    No, I am sure, it used to be a suburb of Atlanta

  3. I hate to say it as an American, but I’m beginning to think that some of ethnic consolidation (hopefully without any violent ethnic cleansing) will be necessary in many parts of the world. Countries with significant minorities just don’t seem stable.

    A lot of countries in the world (indeed most) have arbitrary borders drawn with little to no regard to ethnic distributions. You quite often find a situation in the two adjacent countries are mirrior images of each other in the ethnic ratios. Country Alpha will be 70% ethnic group A and 30% ethnic group B. Country Beta will be 30% ethnic group A and 70% ethnic group B. Each majority population grows absolutely convinced that their fellow ethnic members are being oppressed in the neighboring country (and they maybe right). This is the dynamic that led to Rwanda, the nightmare of the former Yugoslavia, India-Pakistan etc.

    I don’t know much about South-Ossetia but given the ration of 70% Ossetian to 30% Georgian I can make some educated guesses. The Georgian population will be the urban commercial classes that serve a largely historically rural Ossetian population. Class and anti-commerce tensions will have existed for centuries. Ossetians will feel justified in treating Georgians unfairly. South-Ossetia will be tied in terms of geography and infrastructure to Georgia and likewise separated from North Ossetia, South-Ossetia won’t be able to survive economically without the skills of the Georgians and integration into the greater Georgian economy.

    I don’t see anything changing in this dynamic anytime soon. The only solution would be to physically separate the groups which would impoverish everyone and maybe to big a task.

  4. Abbat,

    I had to delete your link. I have little sysmpathy for the Georgian President, but images of him with a Hitler mustache painted on won’t convince anyone.

    You also would be better of if you didn’t believe everything you are told.

  5. The Abkhazis are another group that can supply plausible deniability to Russia for combat operations after a cease-fire. Georgia’s goose is well and truly cooked.

  6. South Ossetia situation was planned and implemented by USA, it is loud and clear. Georgia started this act to involve Russian troops in this conflict right at the time of Olympic games, this is clearly act of rot provocation and attempt of USA to make Russia look like aggressor in Chinese eyes. Don’t trust USA, dont’ trust Georgia. Russian troops are there to stop kills of Russian citizens – there are 90% of russian citizens in South Ossetia. So is Russia aggressor? NO NO NO, Russia wants to stop bloodshed and keep peace.

  7. There is an information blockade! West TVs such as CNN, BBC and others provide viewers with lies. They paying the great attention to Russian tanks entered South Ossetia. But they pass over the silence about the Georgia which have started this war againt S.O. (and as the most part of inhabitants of S.O. is Russian – war against Russia).

    P.S. I saw first-hand this news and read it in their official sites…

  8. South Ossetia situation was planned and implemented by USA, it is loud and clear. Georgia started this act to involve Russian troops in this conflict right at the time of Olympic games, this is clearly act of rot provocation and attempt of USA to make Russia look like aggressor in Chinese eyes. Don’t trust USA, dont’ trust Georgia. Russian troops are there to stop kills of Russian citizens – there are 90% of russian citizens in South Ossetia. So is Russia aggressor? NO NO NO, Russia wants to stop bloodshed and keep peace.

    Come on, that’s just a conspiracy theory. The US didn’t plan this and believe me, the Chinese are the last people who care if anyobe is an agressor or not.

  9. Russian Citizen,

    South Ossetia situation was planned and implemented by USA, it is loud and clear.

    Why exactly would we give a rat’s ass about South-Ossetia? I know its fashionable to see America’s hand everywhere but honestly, we’ve got more important things to do. As for making Russia look like an aggressor, I don’t think they need any help there.

    This kind of paranoiac thinking is endemic to Russian culture and one of the major reasons why so many people fear and mistrust Russia. People who spend a lot of time complaining everyone is out to get usually cause trouble at point or the other.

  10. Another Russian:

    There is an information blockade! West TVs such as CNN, BBC and others provide viewers with lies. They paying the great attention to Russian tanks entered South Ossetia.

    The independence of South Ossetia has never been internationally recognized, so if Russian troops enter South Ossetia, they are, from a purely legal point of view, actually entering Georgian territory.

  11. This kind of paranoiac thinking is endemic to Russian culture

    Of course, just because you’re is paranoid, doesn’t they aren’t out to you.

    I mean, look what Reagan and the CIA (of course) did to Russia when Gorbachev extended his hand of peace and friendship. Next you know, the whole Soviet Empi-, er, country’s falling apart. That kind of thing doesn’t just happen, you know.

    And you’d realize it if West TVs such as CNN, BBC and others were not providing viewers with lies.

  12. Dudes everything you got – its a fake – dont listen your politics / they are lyers / lets come to see whats happened – they killed thousands of childs and womans – its georgians

  13. It is information war on blood! Georgia has killed 1600 people the rockets, and the USA and the Europe have spat on corpses innocent! You demand to deduce peacemakers of Russia, and who protect peace people? Hypocrites…

  14. I apologize for apparently not even taking the time to proofread what I wrote. I also apologize for trying to write parody (badly) in spite of the fact that the various commentors on this thread can exceed anything I might dream up.

    To make up, in part, for my bungling, here is a link to a real post discussing this.

  15. Ralph Peters’ column in today’s [August 9, 2008] NY Post is a good read. Ralph was a Foreign Area Specialist Officer and the then Soviet Union was his assigned area. He travelled trough Georgia as he related in his latest book, Looking For Trouble, as wll as in his column today. One may not agree with his prospective, but his column is an interesting read and may shed some light on the subject, although it will raise the ire of the “Russian citizens”.

  16. The Russian peace makers, so-called, have been in Abkhazia (together with Russian railway troops) and South Osssetia for some time. This whole crisis has been brewing for year with Russia stirring up trouble all it can. I think we can ignore all that conspiracy theorizing and victim-status claims that we get from some Russians and one wonders who they really are.

    Mind you, one also wonders whether Russia is really all that anxious to get imbroiled in another war in the Caucasus. The first one has not been a picnic, exactly.

    By the way, Ralf, not to complicate matters but Stalin was at least part-Ossetian.

  17. By the way, Ralf, not to complicate matters but Stalin was at least part-Ossetian

    I had thought that was mostly just a rumor, thanks for clearing that up. I had read in the material I used to prepare for this post that Trotsky had said uncomplimentary things about the Ossetians to indirectly attack Stalin, but there was no real confirmation of it.

  18. Jdm,

    I apologize for apparently not even taking the time to proofread what I wrote. I also apologize for trying to write parody (badly) in spite of the fact that the various commentors on this thread can exceed anything I might dream up.

    Noted :)

  19. Will small lies help Georgian leader?
    CNN interview (to R. Church):
    1. … We responded on 07.08.2008, when 150 Russian tanks moved to Georgia …
    23:50 07.08.2008 Georgian army starts bombardment of S. Ossetia (1500-2000 killed)
    14:00-15:00 08.08.2008 Russian tanks moved to S. Ossetia
    2. … Ossetia is in the middle of Georgia. It’s not anyhow close to Russia …
    Check the map
    3. … hundreds people were killed in a block of flats …
    Check: Official Georgian data: less than 100 killed in total in Georgia

  20. Anonymous,

    Since you do not even give your name, I cannot imagine why you want to get involved in any discussion. But let me explain one thing: propaganda produced by one side in a war is not necessarily the truth. Russia is not exactly a novice when it comes to propaganda. So, no, it is not a genocide just because former President, now Prime Minister Putin says so.


    I must admit I have had the odd inkling. Amazing how many have appeared on various blogs and forums – mostly people whose English is rudimentary so I find it hard to believe that they have been reading all those blogs all this time, but they do seem to be very good at repeating Kremlin propaganda.

  21. I must admit I have had the odd inkling. Amazing how many have appeared on various blogs and forums – mostly people whose English is rudimentary so I find it hard to believe that they have been reading all those blogs all this time, but they do seem to be very good at repeating Kremlin propaganda.

    It’s to late to check for most Russian commenters on this thread, but judging from the referrals they simply have found blogs that post about the fighting via Google.

    And no, they hadn’t been reading those blogs for long. German journalists who have been working in Russia for some years report that Russians have stopped reading Western websites in favor of Russian ones.

  22. If our army is at war, we help our army as we can, including on the Internet, at yours TV are not present in region of any reporters, and we say is one-sided position. It is bad, so read our comments at your forums.

  23. The military budget at Georgia since 2003-2008 has increased in 30 times, at USA 3 % from the budget at Georgia of 10 %, at Russia of 2 %. Who whom was going to attack?

  24. Yes, Georgia before arrival in 2003 Saakshvili dragged pity existence, and only Russia delivered gas and energy on credit. For the military budget it has been spent in 2003 of all 30 million dollars, in 2008 900 million dollars, USA have given 45 000 000$, Turkey 40 000 000$ in 2004. Now army of Georgia the strongest of the former republics USSR on caucasus against whom it is created, we have finished recently war in the Chechen Republic, what for to us new war, what for to us to grasp Georgia, at us others it is a lot of problems except war. But to us it have imposed as Hitler has imposed war USSR in 1941, by the way the Chechen battalion now also takes part in peace-making operation.

  25. MaxVell,

    a military budget worth talking about runs is many billions of Dollars. The Georgians have a budget of some tens of millions,a nd they must have spent most of that on their presence in Iraq.

    You also might want to ask yourself if your posts are actually helpful in convincing anyone, for they most certainly don’t.

    As to the Hitler reference, you might want to read up on Godwin’s law :)

  26. Thanks, Tatyana, I do get your drift. :)

    MaxVell, you are reading the wrong bits of your propaganda. Quite soon you will find that the Chechen war is not finished and Medvedev, like Putin, has to show his toughness by sending more troops there. And, just to be really naughty, if we are bandying 1941, how about 1939 and the Nazi-Soviet Pact? OK, that’s below the belt. ;-) But I did not go against Godwin’s Law.

  27. Dear Readers,

    I am sorry to purport to continue this discussion that was definitely spoiled by some Russians, or who they are… :))

    Just to kindly inform the owner of this blog that this discussion was translated into Russian with the views to provide Russian readers with a broader perspective of opinions among U.S. internet users regarding the situation in South Ossetia. (all in Russian, but some links are in English and Spanish). You are always welcome to leave your comment or profile your interest in my blog.

    Sincerely yours,

    Russian blogger

  28. Georgian aggress and genocide Ossetia people and Russian peace-makers

    We present a set of photographs from the war in South Ossetia made by Arcady Pachinko, one of the editors of Russian war veterans Almanac ”Art of War” ( Arcady went with Russian troops on the route Vladikavkaz – Tshinval – Zemo Nikozi – Gori and participated as journalist in the battle for Georgian village Zemo Nikozi. Photographs were prepared and placed in the Internet by Chief Editor of the Almanac Ilya Plekhanov.

    Almanac “Art of War” literature project for veterans of recent wars. It has become apparent that there are many talented writers among veterans. They have been able to create an outstanding literature that appeals to readers everywhere with its sincerity, honesty and factual accuracy. We are privileged to publish works of Russian and foreign authors from all over the world who are veterans of Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, etc. Russian translations of war literature in other languages can also be found here.

    The “Art of War” almanac is for those who live, who remember, and who want to know what war actually is. This almanac is also for the soldier, the man who does know war intimately. We hope this almanac may become a rehabilitation ground for veterans. We would be glad to see you among our writers, readers and subscribers.

    Full text of the Editor Note:


    American and European mass media not right. That American course in scramble dominant party in favor of Oval Office.
    I always know what American government and businessmen when pursue purposes always immolate people both their citizen so foreigner people all the more so
    both apart from of itself nobody for people not valid! How that been in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Serbia, Afghanistan, etc.
    American government gate an order their vassal country Georgia attack Ossetia republic. Russia protect their people. Mass media settle down to brainwash population of word a wrong impression information. And people both don’t know history itself country, say nothing of history of Word. Suck at analyze situation, he takes it all in on. American government to carry one’s point, on-coming dictator Mac Kein amended regain positions in favor of Oval Office and one jump ahead of Obama. And America for the time being hero, Russia aggressor, Georgia indemnity, and Ossetia overall nobody don’t know what that ! American government do one’s bit, and Georgian president just in case make as if get the laugh. So if all mistake way, it is possible say that Saacashvili psychinosis and American don’t know this and warranted free from acts Georgian President!
    Study history, people! Russia never been aggressor, he only protect always. As was formerly the case witch Mongolia, first Word War when half Europe attack Russia and Two Word War when Fashist attack Russia, and Japan war when Japan attack Russian, and Chechen conflict when terrorist kill Russian people. All country of Europe pass a wet sponge over what Russia lost many soldier emancipate from Fashist Army country of Europe, and usually nobody don’t occupation. I guess so it been stink out Fashist from Russian territory and pull out Fashist at Europe territory interesting what will been?
    One mistake of Russia will be Cheh Republic when Russia want stop revolution and Afghanistan when Russia want stop narcotraffic, where Russia forfeit lives her soldier.
    Hungry to sensation Word mass media there is do from Russia the Grate Word Aggressor good gum! what’s that? That sensation! Whereof recognize that banal conflict where Georgia as early as over the period of 300 years trying terminate nonconformist (according to Georgia) fight for independence Ossetia republic and has nail that territory himself! Mass media that not interesting, that not sensation!
    People will be objective!

    America have control Iraq, so that connect access to oil! If Russia will be as greedy as America and want control anything. Оonly in Georgia nothing doing, that beggar country. Oonly Saacashvili vocalize about healthy Georgia. Only one fact more than 75 present population live and work in Russia territory and only thereon Georgian economic receive if only something many.(grim humor: if Russia would like kill Georgian people (whereof talk president Saacashvili)
    so Russian army needed doing at one night kill all Georgian people on Russian territory and then other Georgian people live in Georgia died themselves of famine)
    Georgia was healthy only in USSR, but when Georgia stay independent, all what was build Russian for Georgia (fabric and manufacture) was stop work and beggar Georgian people break down that and sell it as scrap metal.
    Тtherefore Georgia was occupation the riches closely-spaced health resort republic as Ossetia and Aphasia. So that make many on tourism.

  29. Helldeadman,

    The links you give in your message are not working.

    The war issue is no longer of interest now, since Russia withdrew her troops from Georgia, and people discovered that behind this conflict there’s a whole complex of historic and political reasons where a serious analysis would be needed. Making analysis is much more difficult rather than finding the Kremlin guilty in all mortal sins and accusing the “system” that it’s actively ‘pishet’.

    In analysing the conflict in Georgia and S.Ossetia it shall be taken into account that Westerners and NATO also have difficulties in dealing with Russia’s issues. The collapse of the Soviet Union swept away the well-operating system of Soviet studies where thousands of specialists provided advice in many spheres relating not only to Soviet Union and its defense system but also to Russia’s history, Russian mentality and Russian perspectives. The Soviet Union died away, so did experts in Russian/Soviet studies. Lack of professional advice in this area affected NATO’s relations with former “empire” and definitely provided a negative impact on Russia’s attempts to build her relations with the West.

    I wish former specialists in Soviet study produce more articles on this subject, at least in international blogs. :)) We Google-freaks will be happy to read them.


  30. Galina wrote:
    There are a lot of lies from oth sides.
    The truth is – Russia distributed russian citizenships (pasports) among the osetian and convinced them to get it. A lot of applicants in other parts of former Russia are waiting for citizenships for years… No one in Russia cares. Russia is preparing this ‘bomb’ for a long time since Georgia got off. They raised ‘temperature’ of conflict for purpose tto provoke Georgia and start the war, like they(Rus) say to protect their citizens (????) I think theyr purpose was to replace Saakashvili with russian ‘marionette’,but they got vice versa effect. Georgians support their leader now better then before, because of Russian behavior. What to say – pure people – they are just a tools in boody Russian (I mean not the people- goverment) hands….

  31. For Russia that has occured in South Ossetia on August, 8th when Georgia has attacked Ossetia, the same, that for the USA towers-twins on September, 11th. Quantity of victims respective. Saakashvili the rockets has killed more than 1500 peace inhabitants, and CITIZENS of the Russian Federation! That I see now is there would be the same as though after tragedy on September, 11th 2001, any country has supported Аль-Каиду and in support Ben Ladanu has sent 18 military ships in the help to terrorists. Be on a place of the Russian Federation the USA, for a long time Saakashvili would be hung up. And the USA supported all this time ” Caucasian Ben Ladana “.

    I.e. that now I see me in mass-media of the Europe horrifies – Russia has attacked small Georgia… That would be if Russian tanks have not entered into Ossetia, that, not having protected the peace population, probably, defenders of human rights does not interest any more, only as Russian kill everything, bears fat… Well it in fact, you see, is immoral also it so awfully. Has still seen a photo with the signature ” Russian attack to Georgia ” – why do not publish a photo as the Georgian militarians have alive burnt the house with children and old men about whom Putin and as they killed peacemakers spoke.

    Georgia has attacked Ossetia, instead of the Russian Federation to Georgia – in mass-media is even huge quantity links to references of the European editions which refer to ” information war “. Western mass-media are not absolutely pure, give not the true information, in particular the Air Forces, therefore it is not necessary to accuse the Russian Federation of all sins at once. The picture which was drawn with the western mass-media, essentially differed from the validity.

    I do not work to the Kremlin, or on Putin as many European mass-media can think. I the simple inhabitant, and this my opinion. Sorry for my English.

    Для России то, что произошло в Южной Осетии 8 августа, когда Грузия напала на Осетию, то же самое, что для США башни-близнецы 11 сентября. Количество жертв соответственные. Саакашвили своими ракетами убил более 1500 мирных жителей, причем ГРАЖДАН РФ! Что я вижу сейчас – это было бы то же самое, как если бы после трагедии 11 сентября 2001, какая-либо страна поддержала Аль-Каиду и в поддержку Бен Ладану отправила 18 военных кораблей в помощь террористам. Будь на месте РФ США, давно бы Саакашвили был повешен. А США всё это время поддерживали “Кавказского Бен Ладана”.

    Т.е. то, что сейчас я вижу в масс-медия европы меня ужасает – Россия напала на маленькую Грузию… что бы было если бы русские танки не вошли в Осетию, тем самым, не защитив мирное население, видимо, защитников прав человека уже не интересует, только как русские убивают всех, медведи жирные… Ну это ведь, согласитесь, аморально и это так ужасно.

    Ещё увидел фотографию с подписью “Русская атака на Грузию” – почему же не публикуют фотографии, как грузинские военные заживо спалили дом с детьми и стариками, о которых говорил Путин, и как они убивали миротворцев.

    Именно Грузия напала на Осетию, а не РФ на Грузию – в масс-медия есть даже огромное кол-во ссылок на ссылки европейских изданий, которые называются “информационная война”. Западные масс-медия не совсем чисты, дают не верную информацию, в особенности ВВС, поэтому не стоит сразу обвинять РФ во всех грехах. Картина, которую нарисовали западные СМИ, существенно отличалась от действительности.

    Я не работаю на Кремль, или на Путина, как многие европейские масс-медия могут подумать. Я простой обыватель, и это моё мнение.

  32. Georgians Did Not Start the War: The Russians Did! And the Russians Did it Because Russia is Very Sick Today With Xenophobia and Nostalgia for the Soviet Empire!

    Since beginning of August 2008, the Russian “Peacekeepers” together with Ossetian illegal militia have been ethnically cleansing Georgian villages and killing innocent civilians! Just think about this…

    Many experts and diplomats wondered whether the Russian government is sick with xenophobia and with the nostalgia of “good, old Soviet Union” is trying to revive the forgotten empire. Or maybe they are just playing a very stupid game that will have extremely severe consequences to the future of Russia and its citizens.

    It is not a new fact that the people from Caucasus republics are constantly being discriminated in Russia, are targets of Russian neo-Nazi groups and live second class citizens lives. The Russian government never tried to understand the mentality, culture and social norms of the people from the Caucasus region. Throughout history the Russian empire or the Soviets or Putin’s regime have been applying one rule to the Caucasus region in order to maintain control over it: divide and conquer! Putin successfully fueled ethnic tensions between various Caucasus nationalities, so they all had to look up to the Russians for help and the roots of this policy date back to Tsar’s Russian Empire, when the Russians were only able to take control over Caucasus with the help of Caucasus nations, primarily the Georgians. The Georgians thought they were doing a favor and Tsar would leave them alone to govern their own lives, but the Georgians were wrong.

    After the collapse of Soviet Union the Russian government successfully fueled ethnic tensions between Armenians and Azerbaijanis, Georgians and Ossetians, Georgians and Abkhazians, Ingushis and Ossetians, etc… This was the only strategy and the only game the Russian rulers played by: fuel hatred, divide the territories, resettle and arm the people so there will be no peace until the Russian soldier places his foot in the region. And of course, the Russian army is known for their outstanding performance in “peacekeeping” missions that have carried out, being involved in genocide, ethnic cleansing (Georgians in Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Chechen civilians), rape, murder, torture and the list goes on. At the end it seems that the Russian “peacekeeping mission” is not that peaceful at all.

    It is evident that the Russian political system always been in shape of a Pyramid, where all the political and economic control spheres of country is divided between a leader (Czar, or Secretary General or Prime Minister) at the top, who has a direct control and right hand support of secret service at one angle and military at the other. This is the heart of the Russian political life and everything else develops around it. With a strong propaganda machine, complete control over Russian citizens is assured, as well as “democratic” elections where one candidate always receives the vast majority (if not all) of the votes and there never seems to be opposition to the candidate. And what about the President Medvedev? He is just another toy in Putin’s closet…

    Putin decided to send a strong signal to the world and wished to overthrow the Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, but he failed. He strongly believes that the fate of the Georgian people depends on his wishes and is determine to shape the borders of another sovereign country. This move directly threatens the World Order established after World War II. The current World Order is not perfect, but so far, with its deficiencies it is working.

    After the brief war with Georgia, the Russian government tried to justify its move by saying that the Georgians started the war. Here is the first lie! The Georgian government has been saying since beginning of August 2008 that the situation in South Ossetia is escalating and the Russian “peacekeepers” are staging provocations together with illegal armed forces of South Ossetian separatist regime. They started killing Georgian police officers and firing artillery shells at the Georgian villages located in South Ossetia, but the world was preoccupied with getting ready for the opening ceremony of Beijing 2008 Olympics.

    When the Georgian government officials told the Europeans in Brussels that we were at the brink of war, the Europeans politely warned the Georgians not to use the word “war” in the city of Brussels, because they do not like the word “war.” It seems that old Europe is getting older each day and with the age, because numerous warnings and cries by the Georgian officials fell on the deaf ears of old Europe. Never mind the fact that it took Hitler conquering Poland and Czechoslovakia, before the Western Europe realized this was a war.

    And what about the Americans? The American society is in the midst of elections, the Democrats want to see Europe take more responsibility for security in Caucasus region, the Republicans are divided and worried about gay marriage and abortion rights… The friends of Georgia in new Europe are trying everything to force the old Europe take harsher approach towards Russia, but Europe is dependent on Russian natural gas and oil.
    Giving up on a young democracy does not seem plausible for the Europeans, but the old Europe is scared of the new Russian bear. The new Russia is controlled by a xenophobic psychopath who has decided to break all the rules of the game, in order to change those rules. And the question comes: how can you stop a bully? Everyone can keep condemning the Russian government, but that paper will wind up in Putin’s toilet again… The only way to stop a bully is bully up against the bully – simple rule of life.

    With the recognition of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, the Russian government has proven the world that they will violate international laws whenever they feel like it and they will use aggression in the name of peace as they did in Prague 1968. If the world would not stand up for Georgia, who will be the next prey of the hungry Russian bear? Maybe Ukraine? Or Moldova? Or who knows… The Russian government is as unpredictable as the weather in England…

    The Georgian people are united and stand united, we have survived the onslaught by Mongols, Persians, Arabs, Turk-Seljuks throughout the history and we have still survived and we are not scared of the Russian bear either.

    Just last question to Mr. Putin. Mr. Putin, if you are so concerned about the freedom of small minorities, why not recognize the independence of Chechnya? Then Daghestan? Then Ingushetia? And then all the other autonomous republics where the citizens do not even speak Russian? Think about that at first and then lets discuss the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, after 300,000 Georgian refugees return to their own homes.
    And to my fellow Abkhazian and South Ossetian brothers and sisters. Yes, there will be dancing and celebration in Sokhumi and Tskinvali. Yes, you will be smiling and waving flags – Georgian flags of course…

  33. Only a small segment of the Republican party is truly focused on gay marriage and abortion…

    … and we’re trying to elect leaders in McCain and Palin who will be willing to tell Putin to go f**k himself, and who will protect our allies.

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