ChicagoBoyz Physical Fitness Series, Continued…

Over the past year or two we have seen here the feats of physical prowess that our crew of bloggers here are capable of.  Not mentioned yet are the mental aspects of physical fitness.

From vacation last week I give you an example of the high level of concentration required to be an elite athlete.  Note the form, and the proper position taken.  And all of that after a day on the beach and several beers consumed.

As an added bonus, you can see the swimsuit that is sure to gain you the attention of all the ladies.  Fortunately my wife was there to fight them off and ensure that I was able to have a relaxing time.

proper croquet form

5 thoughts on “ChicagoBoyz Physical Fitness Series, Continued…”

  1. An astounding physical feat, Sir. Truly Olympian. I salute you. And I must say you do look very beau in your natty bathing attire.

    P.S. Have another beer. It will only improve your aim.

  2. This reminds me of one of the strangest sports rivalries of all time: The US Naval Academy-St John’s annual Croquet Match known as the Annapolis cup.

    USNA is traditionally viewed as a conservative bastion, and St. John’s in Annapolis’s highly liberal liberal arts college, and the antipathy between the two schools is legendary. The two powers square off annually in this croquet match.

    Here is an article from 2006 on the match:

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