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  • “Snopes Measures Light Wavelengths, Rates Trump’s Controversial ‘Sky Is Blue’ Tweet As ‘Mostly False'”

    Posted by Jonathan on September 11th, 2019 (All posts by )

    TACOMA (AP) – Ever the watchdog and vigilant guardian of printed truth on the internet, legendary fact-checking site has discovered and reported yet another gross inaccuracy coming from the deservedly-maligned and completely untrustworthy Trump administration. This time, President Trump has followed up his “#SharpieGate” assertion that Alabama could’ve been hit by a hurricane with an even less justifiable weather-related claim – that “the sky is blue”. Rigorous investigation by Snopes concludes that this questionable Trump assertion is “mostly false.”

    Read the rest.

    Satire, truth – or both?


    3 Responses to ““Snopes Measures Light Wavelengths, Rates Trump’s Controversial ‘Sky Is Blue’ Tweet As ‘Mostly False'””

    1. Assistant Village Idiot Says:

      I used to love Snopes. It was years ago that I first heard they were prejudiced, but at that time it was “against Christians.” I have heard such accusations many times, and while I am sympathetic to the general premise, I have found many of the examples of such claims over the years to be something of a stretch. Shortly after, I heard the claim that Chinese cosmetics companies were using parts of aborted fetuses in some products. I went immediately to Snopes, which rated the claim as “false.” Reading further, I discovered that there was actually evidence that some manufacturers were doing just that. Snopes’s explanation was that it was only a few firms doing this, and those weren’t doing it very much, with lots of shade thrown at extremist Christian groups trying to make a big deal out it. (I don’t know what the current claim is or Snopes’s response, nor do I much care.)

      We don’t change all of a moment, and I reluctantly just went on with Snopes for a few more months, maybe a year. Maybe they just had a particular thing about the abortion issue and were really big Pro-Choice, or maybe they just had it in for a certain brand of Christian, which was a common enough idea among the mainstream semi-educated. But I didn’t forget it, and a few more answers that had a clear slant was enough to shut them off for good. Their wrongness was consistently of that type, though I recall no others that were quite that dramatic. They would rate something as “mostly true” that I would consider at least one notch in another direction after reading the information myself.

      I recall reading that there was a change after the married founders divorced and the man took a second wife, who is quite biased and inserted herself into the mix. I don’t know that to be true, and again, I have no interest in researching it now that they are off my list. I’m glad someone is going after them with good humor, something which often eludes me.

    2. roadgeek Says:

      Snopes is having a war with the Babylon Bee, and the Bee is thrashing them. If you enjoy satire, try the Bee. I laugh out loud at at least one story every day. They satirize the right as well as the left, which is great in my opinion. From today’s Bee: “Liberty University Criticized After Unveiling Stained Glass Window Depicting Donald Trump”, and “John Bolton Hired As National Security Advisor Of The Galactic Empire”, and “New York Times Admits Giant Banner Honoring Mao May Have Been Inappropriate”. The stories are great, and the images that accompany the stories are also great. The publishers are unabashedly Christian, and it shows, but they satirize contemporary religion as well, with just the right touch.

      Apparently, Snopes is trying to have the Bee deplatformed on Facebook, which would cost the Bee some money. The Bee is fighting back, and a lawsuit has been filed.

      Try the Bee. Great stuff.

      “California Schools Require All Students To Worship Rainbow Flag When Lady Gaga Song Plays”

      “Nation’s Homeschoolers Excited To Participate In Bring Your Bible To School Day”

      “New Apple Watch Can Be Implanted In Your Hand Or Forehead, Costs Just $666”

    3. Grurray Says:

      I recall reading that there was a change after the married founders divorced and the man took a second wife, who is quite biased and inserted herself into the mix.

      “Inserting herself” is a charitable way of putting it. She’s a former porn model and prostitute. Although, it appears that she kept her escort services going even after they were married. She’s not the only one either. It’s a den of degenerates.

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