New! – Your Haikus of Existential Despair and Humor

Seminole truck stop.
Bought coffee, didn’t like vibe.
Got out of there fast.


Financial experts:
Often wrong, never in doubt.
Caveat emptor.


Your probiotic
Killed my antibiotic!
Ha ha, just kidding.


Chinese scraper sites
Steal copyrighted photos.
Nothing you can do.



Biz philosophies?
“Do it now” seems to work well.
Too brief for a book.


Middle-aged white guy –
Beard, ponytail, leather hat.
Fits stereotype.


Heed the small, still voice
That says: Don’t push it today,
You’ll blow out your back.


Can’t reach them by phone?
Their Org. is dysfunctional.
Thus the voicemail loop.


With age, hair migrates
From head – to eyebrows, ears, nose.
Just the way it is.


UFO meetup…
Rather interesting group.
(That’s a euphemism.)


A phrase might sound good
And be logical nonsense.
Check your metapahors.


Old-age home has gym
And other amenities
The old folks don’t use.


Street photography –
Subjects threaten to call cops.
Don’t argue, move on.


Leftovers breakfast:
Plantains, coffee, vindaloo.
Wash it down with Tums.


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11 thoughts on “New! – Your Haikus of Existential Despair and Humor”

  1. As I get older
    I get more sick of the cold
    the cold doesn’t care

    almost reclusive,
    off all social media,
    fee so much better

    I read these old books
    battles no one remembers
    forgotten heroes

    Get the business in,
    do the work, then bill the time,
    then, maybe, they’ll pay

    The old man’s dying
    good guy, solid, hit ninety,
    now its days or hours

    political talk
    you won’t change anyone’s mind
    It’s hard to give a shit

    requires stamina, time, funds
    beyond what I have

    Not having money:
    turns out it’s a big problem
    Worse than people say

    Young female lawyer
    wearing a skirt and black tights
    I’m old, invisible

    The most basic things
    you once hoped to accomplish
    will never happen

    Hey, Debbie Downer,
    lighten up, your self pity
    is fucking boring

  2. Nothing I could say
    In seventeen syllables
    Would strike your interest

    The WaPo greets us
    Merry impeachmas to you
    But proles say stuff it

    Bade deletes the tweet
    Shocked there exist some yahoos
    Who do not agree

    Proles are revolting
    Do not worship at the feet
    Of the MSM

    It’s deplorable
    To disagree with WaPo
    The kulaks must die

  3. Woke scolds make a fuss
    Nothing works to calm them down
    Why listen to them?

    Eight hours of light
    Sixteen of dark and cold night
    Need more coffee now

  4. eleven of twelve times
    Floridian stationary monks
    live on home ground

    one of twelve times
    Caribbean middle class royalty
    live on board

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