A Presidential Ad in Wisconsin for Someone Not Named Bloomberg

I have finally seen an ad for “not Mike Bloomberg” here in Wisconsin – it was sort of like a bigfoot sighting I was so slack-jawed. And it was from an unlikely source: Liz Warren. The ad wasn’t about how great she was or about any sort of policy, rather it was a Bloomberg bash. I couldn’t find the ad on youtube, but essentially it just said something like “hey, aren’t you tired of all of those Bloomberg ads, billionaires bad, I’m Elizabeth Warren and I approve this message”. I thought for sure I would have started to see some Biden stuff by now, but not a peep, as of yet.

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  1. It doesn’t seem likely that Warren still going to be in the race in a month when you have your primary, so maybe she just has to spend some money?

    My impression has been that Biden basically has no money, and that if he did badly in SC he would basically have to wrap things up just for financial reasons. As it is they’ve been saying he hasn’t been able to really run campaigns at all in all the states that are voting this Tuesday, so it may be too late for him anyway.

  2. “It doesn’t seem likely that Warren still going to be in the race in a month when you have your primary, so maybe she just has to spend some money?” I don’t get it either. And it wasn’t on some national show, it was on the local Sunday morning news program so it had to be targeted.

  3. I suspect Warren is running ads because her consultants and advisers haven’t finished bleeding her campaign dry.

    At this point, I strongly suspect the party elders are hoping for a brokered convention. With any of the current crop of candidates they’re facing political catastrophe in November. Only a few of them understand how dramatically Trump has changed the Human Terrain, and even they don’t really understand how – which is why some of them babble about bring Discouraged Voters back to the process.

    They’ll nominate someone who isn’t currently running, middle aged, moderate, reasonable sounding (think Joe Manchin) to be the sacrificial lamb. The goal will be to find someone who can run on the national level without completely destroying the party down ticket. Political strategists, real ones not “I’m-a-strategist-on-TV-because-no-campaign-will-hire-me” pretend strategists, are already advising Democrats in state and local races to distance themselves from the national party and run hyper-local transactional campaigns.

  4. They will do their best to kneecap Bernie, as for the DNC, Trump is preferable. You better hope they succeed, as Bernie can beat Trump. I’m ambivalent about the whole thing, as he could save America.

  5. At this point, I strongly suspect the party elders are hoping for a brokered convention.

    I think not. I expect Bernie to hold the plurality going into a brokered convention. If it goes to a second vote and the super-delegates throw it to not-Bernie, it will be the first time Milwaukee outdoes Chicago. Even the party elders know Bernie Bros aren’t nice people. That would seal it for Trump and hurt the donks for more than one election. Nicki 2024!

    Politicians being cowards who avoid responsibility, they would prefer the voters to make the decision for them. If it’s Bernie and he loses, they can tell him and AOC to stfu. If it’s Bernie and he wins, the new direction of the party is set. And if it’s not-Bernie, they’ll be happy.

  6. “Well, Penny, now we know who the Ruskies are backing (if we had any doubt). Thanks.” You are welcome. You actually believe that Russia stuff?

  7. Both Klobuchar and Buttigieg have dropped out, to make it difficult for Bernie to achieve a straight up majority, as they will go to Biden. The DNC is stacking the deck any way they can. ;)

  8. PenGun
    The DNC is stacking the deck any way they can. ;)

    Agreed that the DNC is stacking the deck. Which reminds me of Bernie’s reaction to stacking the deck in the recent Presidential election in Bolivia. With about three quarters of the polling places reporting the first round election, Evo Morales was far from getting enough votes to not go to a runoff election. The government stopped reporting polling results, and miracle of miracles, when the government finally reported results some time later, Evo had enough votes to not have to go to a runoff election. The country erupted in protests. Evo invited the OAS to audit the election results. The OAS found flagrant fraud and reported Evo didn’t have enough votes to stop a runoff. Evo resigned. Precisely what the armed forces said to Evo is not known, but apparently the armed forces was not of the opinion that it should support a fraudster’s remaining in office.

    (To make matters worse, recall that several years before, Evo had lost a referendum that would have changed the Constitution to permit Evo to run for a third term.Evo found a judge to rule that Evo’s “human rights” were violated by not permitting him to run for a third term. So Evo ran for a third term.)

    Bernie called Evo’s resignation a “coup,” but didn’t say a word about Evo’s blatant electoral fraud.

    As a result, I don’t have a lot of sympathy for Bernie’s working against a stacked deck. Bernie had no complaint about Evo stacking the deck in Bolivia, but objected to Evo’s resigning as a result of being caught stacking the deck.

    Disclaimer: I would vote Democrat over my dead body, though I used to vote Democrat.

  9. If I were Putin, it would be hard to pick any of the Democrat candidates not to back. They’re all pretty sure to be disasters to the extent that they can get anything passed. Even without that, another four years of a supinely pusillanimous State Department would be a gift to him.

    If the DNC could make Klobuchar and Buttigieg get out, they would have stopped them from ever entering the race. Bowing to futility is the only evidence of good sense that either of them have shown so far.

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